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Mardjani stipend in Tatar humanities

Mardjani stipend in Tatar humanities

The society of Tampere Islam Mahallesi in Tampere (Finland) announces a renewable semester-long stipend for the students of Tatar humanities (BA and MA level). This is a free competition call that aims to support students in any place of the world, but with an emphasis on Tatarstan.The stipend’s goal is to encourage the study of the Tatar history, language and literature with an international appeal.

Applicants are encouraged to provide a research project application in the field of Tatar humanities, including history, philology, sociology, anthropology, etc. Project application must contain a clear goal and research plan (archival or field work, participation in conferences,summer schools, expeditions and other academic activities in Russia and beyond).

Selection process will be arranged by an international team of scholars who judge upon the applications in terms of their potential and ambition to study the Tatar culture. Selection committee includes Vahit Wafin (Tampere Islam Mahallesi), Iskander Gilyazov (Kazan Federal University), Michael Kemper (Amsterdam University), and Alfrid Bustanov (European University at St Petersburg).

Applications can be written in English, Tatar, Russian or Turkish.

The amount of a semester-long stipend is one thousand Euro.

Applicants are invited to submit their CV, project application and a writing sample to: MardjaniStipend@gmail.com

Deadline for applications’ submission: May 1, 2016.

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