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Masters from Tatarstan took part in the celebration of Navruz-2018 at VDNKh

Masters from Tatarstan took part in the celebration of Navruz-2018 at VDNKh

March 25, 2018 in the  pavilion № 75 VDNKH  holiday   “Navruz” was celebrated.

26.03.  2018


March 25, 2018 in pavilion № 75 VDNKH  holiday   “Navruz” was celebrated. A ton of pilaf, defile in folk costumes, performances of popular artists, entertainment and surprises awaited Muscovites and guests of the capital.


Navruz in Moscow has long been a holiday of friendship among nations. Not the first year it is celebrated all over the capital, and events timed to it are becoming more and more large. Many years have been celebrated by Navruz: the indigenous people and guests can have fun, learn about the traditions and customs of this holiday. Traditionally, national public associations have become participants in festive events. Coming to VDNKh, you find yourself in brightly decorated courtyards, where you can taste national dishes of the peoples of the world, buy a lot of souvenirs.


In the huge pavilion there are 17 national courtyards (Arab, Azeri, Bashkir, Dagestan, Iranian, Uighur, Tatar and others), food courts, where the national diasporas presented the best dishes of ethnic cuisine, a playground and master classes for young guests.


“TATAR’S YARD” was represented by the Chamber of Arts and Crafts of the Republic of Tatarstan headed by Director General Mustafayev Nuri Amdievich. 20 masters of Tatarstan presented their beautiful works that reflected all the beauty of Tatar culture. On the variety of products presented by masters from the Republic of Tatarstan “TATAR’S YARD” was one of the best and brightest.


“Navruz” from Farsi is translated as “a new day”. A festive day is dedicated to the equinox, which means the beginning of a new harvest year. Navruz is the most ancient holiday on Earth. It was celebrated in the 7th century BC.  No one worked on this day. According to legend, the celebration of Navruz is connected with the worship of the Sun and the Prophet Zarathustra, informs the portal Wordyou.ru. On the eve of the holiday, they clean the house, get rid of old things, and do laundry. It is desirable to fast, not to be emotional. Housewives on this day are preparing round cakes.





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