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Meeting of epochs

Meeting of epochs

November 11, at 18.00, in a Small Hall of the Kamal theater, within the project “Kaleb”, the evening-dialogue “1926” will be held. According to the organizers, the “1926” will become a meeting of beginnings of XX and XXI centuries to determine the points of contact, dialogue between the today’s creators and the artists of the last century.

Kaleb. The year 1926. Happy days of Tatar literature, Tatar theater and music. The “Myadyaniyat Yorty” often hosts literary evenings, performances are staged “Zyangyar shyal”, “Galiyabanu”, the newspaper “Kyzyl yashlyar”, “Kyzyl Tatarstan”, magazines “Azat Khatyn”, “Avyl yashlyare”, “Beznen yul” , young actors, having recently graduated from drama college come to the theatre. In literature, popular names Adel Kutyi, Hadi Taktash, Hasan Tufan, in a theater – Karim Tinchurin, Mukhtar Mutin, Galiya Kaybitskaya, in music – Salih Saidashev, Sara Sadykova. But not much time left until the compilation of “blacklists” …

The year 2015. On the Small Stage of Kamal Theatre you can hear echoing the works of the past, modern

poems by poets Ruzal Mukhametshin, Yoldyz Minnullin, Bulat Ibrahim, Rezeda Gubaeva, Elnara Baynazarova, Elvira Hadieva, many of which were written especially for the evening – dialogue “1926”. You hear music in tune with the music of that era by composers Elmira Nizamova, Elmira Galimova, get acquainted with today’s creativity of ballerina Aisylu Mirkhafizkhan, lady singer Ilyusa Huzina, lady-violinist Dina Zakirova. The event will be attended by students of the 3rd year of the Kazan Institute of Culture and Arts Aigul Shakurov, Milyausha Khafizova, Irina Kibyakova, Elvir Salimov, Lenar Yuldashev and Almaz Burganov.

Director of the evening- dialogue – 3-year student (course of Farid Bikchantaev) of Kazan Institute of Culture and Arts Oleg Kinzyagulov. “1926” will be his directorial debut.

Oleg Kinzyagulov graduated from the actor’s course of Tanchulpan Babicheva in Ufa Academy of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov. After his military service he for a year worked at the Tuymazy Tatar theatre of Bashkortosatn.

History repeats itself.

1922nd year is repeated in the 2015th.

And perhaps not only on the scene …

We invite you to witness the meeting of epochs.

November 11, 18:00, Small Stage Kamal Theatre.

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