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Meeting of school of Tatar youth leaders in Penza region

Meeting of school of Tatar youth leaders in Penza region

The first meeting of the School of Tatar youth leaders was held in the office of the Tatar autonomy in Penza.

Meeting of young representatives from regional autonomies began from success stories. About their life, brave decisions in their youth, the difficulties and career highs climbing told executive committee members, invited to the meeting as guests of honor. Communication format was far from officialdom , but a dialogue between the two generations over a cup of Tatar tea was full of depth and serious approach. The older generation was represented by Bakir Usmanovich Akzhigitov, chairman of autonomy KuryaevZakizhan Kayumovich , his deputy, Asmaev Iskander Iskhakovich, Akzhigitov Qadir Musinovich etc.

Rushanya Yakupova led the of army of young , having prepared school materials Tatar youth leader of the Republican Youth Center Idel, so to speak, first hand! “We strongly believe that all our good undertakings necessarily be implemented! Folks, I brought message of Kazan from Idel : if the four of us rocked the 28 regions, and behind us the world audience of many thousands now , your association will give a creative response plans, that the authority of the Tatar cultural identity will take the past strong righteous position”.

Among the audience there were young school teachers in rural educational institutions , and the issue of modern technologies and active use of them in work with young generation has been adopted as the most relevant.

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