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Meeting with fellow countrymen from Belarus

Meeting with fellow countrymen from Belarus

At the initiative of the Foundation of Culture named Mazhit Gafuri a meeting with the head of the public association International “Tatar-Bashkir cultural heritage” Chishma”, Ph.D., assistant professor of the Minsk Economic Institute Elvira Levshevich at the library № 17 of Ufa was held. Historians, heads of national Sunday schools, honorary leader of the Tatar nobility assembly Prince Maksat Sharafutdinovich Mamleyev, associate professor USATU, Etruscologist Farid Rafgatovich Latypov, chairman of the Foundation of Culture named after Mazhit Gafuri Lucia Muzakirovna Kamaeva, the employees of the library have come for the meeting. Library № 17 is notable because it had organized museum of urban life of Ufa, 19-20 th centuries. Guests were kindly met by director of the library-museum Svetlana Naufilevna Sabirova.

DSCN7354Elvira Ansafovna said that in Belarus had been living for more than 600 years local Tatars, who came to these areas during the Golden Horde. They lost the language, but retained ethnic identity, faith and traditions.

Also, along with Tatars live Bashkirs, who settled during the Soviet era. They are trying to preserve their culture and language. In Minsk, Grodno, Sunday schools are operating.

The Government of the Republic of Belarus attaches great importance to the preservation of minority cultures. There are Republican Center of National Cultures, Ethnic Advisory Board, which, for example, heads of national centers decide: who and when to sew costumes. The money allocated for this purpose from the national budget.

Every year in Grodno Belarus festival of nations is held. It lasts for three days. It brings together all the schools, educational institutions, the number of participants is reached more than 1,200 people. On the first day the columns of demonstrators in national costumes is marched, the second day guests are taken to national farmsteads, and are treated by national dishes. The members of the association “Chishma” prepare by their own hands Qistibi, vac-belesh, chak-chak, noodle soup, gubadia. Tatar and Bashkir songs are sounded. They are helped in the organization of the festival by Russian consulate. Association “Chishma” annually holds Tatar-Bashkir sabantui and traditional sports.

Association “Chishma” has a library and a video library. When you combine a school day off, Tatar and Bashkir languages ar studied, history and culture of the Tatars and Bashkirs. Folklore ensemble “Laysan” has been created (“The first spring rain”), vocal-instrumental ensemble “Chishma” (“Spring”), a children’s group “Gerlevek” (“Spring flooding”). Songwriter Rinad Khakimov cooperates with association of the Tatar and Bashkir singer songs Each year, thanks to the support Rossotrudnichestva children are carried on trips to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Company “Chishma” is actively involved in various activities, including poetry festivals. Tatar poems sounded by Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala. In 2014 1st place in the contest “We read Mazhit Gafuri” organized by the Foundation of Culture named after the first national poet of Bashkortostan has won.

On the territory of Belarus many memorable places associated with the Tatars. The first comes at a time of the Golden Horde. Since that time, preserved Tatar names Belarusian villages. And in Lida settlement Tokhtamysh Khan and the Crimean khans lived.

With the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders a talented composer Farid Yarullin was killed , the author of the ballet “Shurale.” His father Zagidullov Yarullin – a talented pianist and composer. In the years of his life in Ufa, he was a frequent visitor to the family of Mazhit Gafuri. Yellowed piano keys in the Museum Mazhit Gafuri on Gogolya, 28 “remembers” improvised concerts by Zagidulla Agay.

Luciia Kamaeva

Chairman of the Fund of Culture named after Mazhit Gafuri.

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