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Members of the Maryam Sultanova Club visited a unique museum

Members of the Maryam Sultanova Club visited a unique museum

Members of the Maryam Sultanova Club visited a unique museum

January 29, 2019

The members of the Maryam Sultanova (Akchurina) Club have held the first meeting this year in a unique museum for the people living in Bashkortostan.

The Club speaker Ildar Makhmutovich Gabdrafikov invited everyone to the information rooms of the R.G. Kuzeev Institute of Ethnological Studies. Unfortunately, even while living in Ufa, few have seen a rare collection of Sarmatian gold.

Sarmatian gold is a world-famous collection of ancient gold jewelery, found by Bashkortostan archeologists in 1988 in the Orenburg region, on the Filippovsky kurgans (4th century BC). It includes more than 600 items of ancient Sarmatians, including figurines of golden deer, argali, dishes with gold overlays in the form of animals and birds, edged weapons, women’s jewelry.

In 2007, almost 63 million rubles were spent on re-exposition of the museum, which moved from Aksakov Street. Guests of the republic attend the exhibition with great pleasure, and Ufa residents do not even assume that in the house number 6 on Karl Marx Street there is the Olenya country, where “… where pines rush into the sky, where truth  and fable  live.”

Candidate of historical sciences, ethnopolitologist Ildar Gabdrafikov conducted a wonderful tour of the museum. We listened with pleasure about the traditional life and culture of the Bashkirs in the XIX – XX centuries, types of economic activity, crafts  and  arts.

Of great interest was the exposition on  ethnography of the Tatars of Bashkortostan, which is represented by the men’s wedding suit of the Ural Tatars, as well as the women’s costume complexes of the Transurals of the Tatars, the Tatar-Mishars and the Tatar-Kryashens.

Folk clothing is complemented by home textile items – embroidered and woven towels and tablecloths, floral ornament namazlyk, musical instruments. It was noted that in the clothes of the Bashkirs and Tatars there is a difference in the technique of embroidery, ornament, and in the color design of valances, towel towels, and carpet carpets.

Head of the Discussion Club Nafisa Akchurina thanked the staff of the Institute for an interesting meeting, congratulated the author of more than 100 scientific works on  study of ethno-linguistic and ethno-political. processes, ethno-state and inter-ethnic relations of the doctor of sciences Fail Gabdullovich Safin with the anniversary.

“Such meetings in historically valuable and cultural centers are able to gather lawyers and journalists, leaders of Tatar public organizations (Ak Kalfak, Sahibzhamal, Ikhlas) into the general circle, professors and students …

In a word, the representatives of the Tatar intelligentsia, who are interested in the themes of the meetings of the Club named after Maryam Sultanova (Akchurina), on the 160th anniversary of which a series of events is timed. ” – reported N.F. Akchurina.




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