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Memory to folklorist Alminur Patrshina

Memory to folklorist Alminur Patrshina

Top Tatar regional groups will perform in a final of the VI regional Tatar folk festival in Tyumen.

April 22, at 16:00, in the House of culture / a ” Stroitel(Builder)” will be held the final of VI regional Tatar folk festival. In 2016 it will be dedicated to the memory of the Tyumen folklorist Alminur Patrshina.

The purpose of the festival – the preservation and development of folk culture of ethnic Siberian Tatars, promotion of traditional national culture, support of creative teams and performers, increasing their level of skill, to draw public attention to the folk art.

From February 12 to 26 in the Tyumen region municipal and district festivals , where their creativity present adult and children’s groups, artists and authors. The best of these teams competitive jury selected to the final.

The festival includes a traditional six nominations: “Bait, Munajat”, “Solo singing”, “Vocal Groups”, “folklore and ethnographic ensembles”, “Dance”, “Instrumental performers and groups.”

Winners in six categories in September 2016 will be delegated to the National Festival of Tatar Folklore “Tugorak uen” in the Republic of Crimea.

Press office of the Congress of the Tyumen region of Tatars

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