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«Miras»  is a festival of unique national color

«Miras»  is a festival of unique national color

The State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan under the direction of Alexander Sladkovsky will open the 5th N.  Zhiganov Festival of Tatar Music.

The concerts of the festival, dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, will be held on January 15, 18 and 22 at the State Great Concert Hall. S. Saydashev, according to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The program of three concerts of the festival will include music by famous Tatar composers of different generations, whose works are related to the history and modern culture of Tatarstan.

We remind that  the «Miras» festival  has been   created in 2015 by  artistic director and chief conductor of the  RT  State Symphonic Orchestra and People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Sladkovsky.

The opening of the festival will take place on the birthday of the Tatar composer, a major figure in the Tatar musical culture, the initiator of the creation of the Tatar symphony orchestra Nazib Zhiganov.

The program of the concert “Tugan Kirem Tatarstan” (“My Motherland is Tatarstan”), dedicated to the native land, includes works by classics of Tatar academic music Nazib Zhiganov, Alexander Klyucharyov, Shamil Sharifullin, Farid Yarullin and leading contemporary composers of Tatarstan : Rezeda Akhiyarova, Rashid Kali Boris Trubin. The State Chamber Choir led by Milyaushi Tamindarova takes part in the concert. Soloist – Aysylu Salmanova. Conductor – Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Vasily Valitov.

The second concert of the festival “Yashlek” (“Youth”) will be held on January 18. The works of Louise Khairutdinova, Allagiar Valiullin, Anatoly Luppov, Almaz Monasypov, Svetlana Zoryukova, as well as the premiere compositions by  young composers of Tatarstan : Lyaysan Abdullina, Ildar Kamalov, Elmira Nizamova; Elmira Galimova. The soloists are Adil Ibushev (violin), Dina Zakirova (kyl-kubyz), Ruslan Zakirov (baritone). Conductor – Ayrat Kashaev.

On the final day of the festival, on January 22, a concert “Kөy hәm soz” (“Music and the Word”) will be held, dedicated to the 120th birthday of Salikh Saydashev and the 110th birthday of Jaudat Fayzi. The concert program will feature famous works by these composers, as well as romances and songs by Fasil Akhmetov, Sarah Sadykova, Rustem Yakhin; premieres of symphonic works by Ilham Baitiriak, Rushana Brandanger, Ilyas Kamal. The soloists are Aigul Gardislamova (soprano), Aisyl Nurullin (soprano), Ilyus Khuzin (soprano), Ildar Rakhimov (tenor), Iskander Karimov (alt), Rustem Rakhmatullin (harmonica). Conductor – Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Rinat Khalitov.

During its existence, the «Miras» festival has gained a reputation as an event that fully and vividly reflects the rich musical heritage of Tatarstan, is imbued with a unique national flavor.

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