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Monument to Lev Gumilev

Monument to Lev Gumilev

In St. Petersburg, the official opening of the monument to Lev Gumilev in the courtyard of the Oriental Faculty of Saint Petersburg State University took place. The main sponsor – Tatneft, the sculptor is Venera Abdullina, who lives in St. Petersburg. She is also the author of sculptures Ayatullah Bayazitov, Musa Jalil, Tufan Minnullin. Prior to the opening of the monument ceremony, laying flowers at the grave of L. Gumilyov was held.

It is known that at the time Lev Gumilyov said, “I am Russian man, but all my life defended the Tatars from slander.” His works made it possible to learn a lot about the history and the Khanate of Kazan Tatars, and other ethnic groups, living in a territory of our multinational country. He achieved the rehabilitation in the mass consciousness of the Turkic peoples, who were considered the epitome of savagery and ignorance by showing them as bearers of indigenous culture.

R.Valiullin, St. Petersburg

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