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Moscow hosted the next meeting of the Council of RTNKA MO

Moscow hosted the next meeting of the Council of RTNKA MO

November  14, 2019

An expanded meeting of the Council of  Regional Tatar National Cultural Autonomy of the Moscow Oblast  (RTNKA MO) dedicated to preparations for the anniversary of autonomy was held on November 10  at  the Tatar Cultural Center of Moscow. The Chairman of the Autonomy, F. Mukhtasarov, began the meeting with congratulations to the anniversaries: Professor B. Usmanov, Head of the MTNKA of the city of Korolev  R. Galiev (through Deputy R. Evseeva) and N. Redkin, wife of the Head of the MTNKA of the Pushkin District D. Redkina. Next, Autonomy activists discussed a plan for preparing for the main events of the organization’s 20th anniversary, which are scheduled for November 30.

Farit Mukhtasarov, Chairman of the Regional Autonomy, has set a number of tasks for members of the Council.

“It is necessary to organize members of local autonomies to participate in various events, including contests of essays and drawings. I ask you to attract children from families of members of local autonomies, ”said Farit Shamilovich.

Further,  Chairman of the Regional Autonomy recalled that the Balafest Children’s Festival will be held at the Tatar Cultural Center on November 17, within the framework of which a round table “Creating Family Clubs and Organizing Their Activities” will be arranged  for parents.

The meeting participants discussed the plan for the main event, which is scheduled for November 30. On this day, it is planned to organize an exhibition of drawings of children and printed materials on the activities of the Autonomy, a festive concert and rewarding of activists are planned.

The State Duma deputy, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities,  chairman of the FNKAT I. Gilmutdinov,  leadership of the World Tatars Congress, the Republic of Tatarstan  Representation, the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia and many respected public figures of the Moscow region and Moscow were invited..Mukhtasarov emphasized that the main task of the upcoming event is to create a positive attitude among all participants with an analysis of the path traveled and a look at the future development of the Tatar educational movement in the Moscow region and other regions of Russia.


After discussing business issues, a workshop on oratory was organized for the meeting participants. It  was led by theater actor Ainur Safiullin.

“It is important to know and be able to correctly use the power and energy of the word. This is necessary in order to convince the audience of their rightness, ”Safiullin noted.




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