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NEW BOOK by Fauzia Bayramova

NEW BOOK by Fauzia Bayramova

In Kazan, a new book by writer, candidate of historical sciences Fauzia Bayramova “Sakhalin Island and the Tatars.” has been published. In 2012, she was almost a month in Sakhalin, visited 8 cities, 2 villages where Tatars live, worked in archives, collecting enormous amount of material about the history of the island of Sakhalin. The book depicts in detail period of ancient Turkic-Tatar Sakhalin Island living, just between Japanese and imperial-Russian-Soviet period, and the island of today. The book provides a list of the Tatars, who were prisoned in Sakhalin in the late 19th century, and he list of repressed Tatars of the last century. The book contains many photos of Sakhalin Tatars, including color ones. Book is in the Tatar language, it contains a big generalization, and resume in Russian. Book is in a popular science genre, published edition of 1,000 copies, the book will be distributed through the World Congress of Tatars. To the point, this is the fortieth book of the author, the first book about the Sakhalin Tatars.

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