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Nizhgar “Ak Kalfak” invites to the “Aulagiy”

Nizhgar “Ak Kalfak” invites to the “Aulagiy”

Nizhgar “Ak Kalfak” invites to the “Aulagiy”

January 09, 2019

The New Year, the Ak Kalfak women’s organization at the NLCAT of the Nizhny Novgorod region, starts with arranging  two new events: on January 14, at 17.00, the next “Aulagiy – Get-Together” for women of all ages and on January 15, at 17.00 Chyrshy byrüme for low-income children.

“Aulagiy” always passes in a fun,  and informative, warm and homely atmosphere reigns. Women at the tea table share their knowledge and skills. There are also various workshops. For example, at a meeting, Rose Khanum Khairutdinova showed how to create rugs from scrap materials. And homespun rugs have always been a vivid household items in Tatar families, especially in the villages. Also, women heard about the Muslim procedure “hijama” from the first mouth – a specialist of this rather popular procedure  Sanya Alievna Albutova.

Workshops were also held on knitting a scarf for various occasions and on embroidering callaf, as well as on making Tatar dishes. And at the new meeting we are waiting for a master class in preparing a new Tatar national pastry, as well as a master class in tying a headscarf from Dinara Khalilova. And the women will also bring different Tatar pastries for the tea table, which we will organize for  children after Chyrshy Byrıme.



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