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Nizhgar Bike – the most-most tatarochka

Nizhgar Bike – the most-most tatarochka

In Kochko -Pozharsky Culture House (Nizhny Novgorod region) within the framework of cultural and educational activities of women’s organization “Ak kalfak” under Regional National Cultural Autonomy of Tatars (RNCATNO) of Nizhny Novgorod oblast, an inter-regional National Contest of beauty and talent among rural women Tatar “Nizhgarbike 2016” on April 8 – “Nizhgarochka 2016” took place.

In addition to the contest, a meeting of women – activists from the areas of compact residence of the Tatars with head of the World Organization of the Tatar women “Ak kalfak” Kadriya Idrisova was held. At a meeting more than 140 delegates have registered. The regional government in a person of Deputy Head of Public Policy Department of internal regional and municipal policy, O.N. Shumakova, has been presented.

According to the representatives of our region, communication turned out to be very useful and interesting, opened many issues about everyday life, the role of women in the society, family relationships and at work. There was a presentation of a short educational film “Stages of education” – “Terbiya baskychlary”. The most active women of Tatar region were awarded with gifts and letters of thanks from RNCATNO, “Ak kalfak” and the magazine “Syuembike”.

And then the most interesting. Seven contestants have tried to surprise and please the jury with their talents, knowledge of national culture, vocal and choreographic skills.

It all started with a presentation when the contestants had to briefly and concisely present themselves and their minor home. Concisely, it did not always happen, but the time limit has been agreed – 3 minutes. Better than the others with the “autobiography” coped Raysya Khabibullina of Spassky district Venera Letfullina

The competition number two had to perform a lullaby or a tell a tale to baby. Here I note Gulnara Nevretdinova of Kochko-Pozharok that was helped by daughters and Lima Jalilova of Andreevk, having presented mini theatre staging of the famous “Su Anasy” ( “Mother of Water”), by the great G. Tukay. They have created a

wonderful atmosphere of traditional Tatar patriarchal family – something that is so often lacking in modern life, with its endless jogging and hassle.

The third step combines the interests of contestants and demonstrating their culinary preferences. Tatar cuisine – if not the best, then one of the best a priori.

Seven participants once more proved it by feeding the jury and the spectators by triangles, poshatovsky kazi (still under the impression), pies, gubadie, sweets, caravai and even Kazakh bishbarmak.

The contest was crowned by art contest – an opportunity to implement creative ideas. It was something to see. But most memorable appeared a remarkable production by Zagirya Abdulkhalekova and her group, dedicated to the topical theme of the relationship between fathers and children, performances by Lima Jalilova and Gulnara Nevretdinova with songs, dances, traditional Tatar. As a result, it is Gulnara Vafinovna having won in a contest “Nizhgarbike 2016” . Zagirya Abdulkhalekova and Venera Letfullina won in the categories “John yagymly Kyz” (most attractive) and “John gyuzel Kyz” (most beautiful), respectively.

In between competitions, well-known Tatar singers Syrina Zainullina and Vais Bayramov, famous family of bayanists Zhiganshins of the Kochko -Pozharok – winners of numerous competitions peroformed. All participants received prizes and gifts from the organizers, greetings from the Executive Director of RNCATNO Ramziya Salihzhanova, Deputy Chief “Syuembike”, editor Ramsya Kashapova, Chairman of the Congress of Nizhny Novgorod Tatars Gajarya Khasyanova et al., As well as applause from the appreciative audience and fans.

R. Vagapov, the newspaper “Rural News”,
of the Krasnooktyabrsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region
Photo by I.Sadekova

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