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Nuria Akzhigitova from village Kikin and her children

Nuria Akzhigitova from village Kikin and her children

Exactly half a year ago the Penza “Ak kalfak” visited reception many children Tatar family of Nuria Akzhigitova in the village Kikin of the Kamensky region of the Penza oblast. We remind that Nuria khanum two of her own children and 8 receivers. Now, she also has a grandson. Son Dennis during last visit by “Ak kalfak” served in the army, and now married.

So, meet people! Akzhigitova Nuria. Primary school teacher. Nuria is a board member of the Penza oblast regional public organization of foster parents “Finding Happiness”, as well as chairman of the club “Hope” in five regions of the Penza oblast. Nuria khanu, – a participant of the National Forum of foster families in 2013, the purpose of which was to exchange experiences and unite the activists of the

movement. By her own hands has built a unique childhood country. Ten children – these are hosts and ministers of the country:

Albina and Timur Gildeevsa – brother and sister from the village Mochaleyka, the Kamensky region of the Penza oblast,

Vladimir and Viktor Meshcheryakovs from Serdobsk,

Rumia, Elvira and Sania Novozhilovs – sisters from the Pachelmsky region,

Ruslan Isyanov from Penza

Within a short period of cohabitation, all children have learned to speak Tatar, happy to sing together Tatar songs, appear in national costumes everywhere. “Ak kalfak” guests were welcomed by children with joy, running from the yard to home shouting: “Isenmesez !!!”

After asking family members about how they’re doing, chairman of the Penza “Ak kalfak” Elmira Vasilyeva and board member Galia Tenisheva, handed the book to children from Tatar autonomy

of Tatars of the Penza oblast, and provided material assistance in the form of clothing.

Children are engaged in different kinds of art: singing and dancing, and weaving beads, making a very beautiful vase of paper. The girls have promised us that will take part in the exhibition which will be organized on the day of the regional competition “Abikay maturkay-2016” in Penza in December.

Nuria khanum, now, has joined the ranks of Penza “Ak kalfak”.

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