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Omsk “Almaz” the title of “People’s” awarded

Omsk “Almaz” the title of “People’s” awarded

By decree of the Ministry of Culture of the Omsk region on March 3, 2016, the title of “People’s” has been awarded to a studio of Tatar creativity “Almaz” of Regional Public Organization of the Tatar national-cultural autonomy of the Omsk region “Madaniat”.

The Song and Dance Ensemble “Almaz (Diamond)” – one of the youngest collectives of the city, a permanent member of the regional festival of national cultures “Edineniye (Unity)”, held under the patronage of the Government of Omsk region.

The dance group of the ensemble in 2011 won the Regional festival – contest of Tatar culture “Seberyolyzlary”, a soloist Gulshat Nureyeva took the first place, became a finalist of the International Television Competition of Tatar song “Tatar mony”, a lead singer Farid Bashirov became the winner of the III degree. Also, in 2011, the ensemble took 3rd place in a regional festival-contest of choreographic collectives “Youth Dancing!”. In 2014, the ensemble celebrated its 5th anniversary. For active participation in regional and city events the collective was repeatedly awarded letters of thanks from the Ministry of Culture of Omsk Region, the Administration of the city of Omsk, Omsk House of Friendship.

The ensemble specialist provide technical assistance to the Tatar creative teams of municipal districts.

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