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On the 70th anniversary of Razil Valeev

On the 70th anniversary of Razil Valeev

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, FGBOU VO “Bashkir State University”, Department of Tatar philology and culture of BSU, Turkic ethnic and educational center “Ramazan” to hold the III All-Russian scientific-practical conference “Actual problems of modern Tatar philology.” The conference will be devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Tatarstan Laureate of the State Award after Gabdulla Tukai, a winner of the Musa Jalil Republican Award, People’s poet of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Committee on Education, Culture, Science and National Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan State Council, a well-known public and state figure Razil Ismagilovich Valeev.

To participate in the conference professors of educational institutions, scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and students are invited.

Main research directions:

* Creativity of Razil Valeeva and modern Tatar literary process;

* Artistic picture of the world in creativity of Razil Valeev;

-Specifics of poetry by Razil Valeev;

– Continuation and development of the traditions of the Tatar folk and classical songs in the vocal l works based on poems by Razil Valeev;

– Language in poetry by Razil Valeev;

– Actual problems of Tatar literature and folklore;

– Languages, folklore and literature of Turkic peoples in the context of comparative philology;

– Sociolinguistic aspects of the study of national languages;

– Problems of preservation and development of native languages;

– Family, state and foreign languages in intercultural communication;

– linguo- culturologic issues;

– linguo -didactic and socio-cultural technologies and practices;

– Traditions and innovations in the study of the native language, literature and culture in the school and university, in accordance with the FGOS general and higher education;

Conference languages: Tatar, Russian, Bashkir.

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