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On the eve of Kurban-bairam, charity initiatives are gaining strength in Zakyat  Charitable fund;

On the eve of Kurban-bairam, charity initiatives are gaining strength in Zakyat  Charitable fund;

July  31, 2019

On August 11, Muslims of the whole world will celebrate one of the main holidays – Kurban-bayram (or Eid al-Adha). On the eve of Kurban-bairam, the Zakat Charitable Foundation, the DUM RT traditionally strengthens social initiatives and organizes a number of charitable events.

Thus, within the framework of the upcoming holiday, from today until August 1 – for three days, the Zakat foundation begins to hold charity dinners in Kazan cafe “Sofra Kebab” for large families and families raising children with special needs.

In addition, the charity event “You are not alone” – in support of seriously ill children continues. As part of the campaign, a fundraiser was opened for  rehabilitation of 13-year-old Murat Nagimov. The boy has a list of diagnoses – mental retardation, spinal deformity, astigmatism, congenital nystagmus. The cost of one rehabilitation course is 193 thousand 159 rubles. To assist Murat, you can send an SMS to the number 7715 with the word Zakyat. Also, transfers are accepted on the SB card 639002629014626229 (IM Almetov’s card).

The most important of all social activities of the DUM of the Republic of Tatarstan during the Kurban-Bairam period is the action “Feed the needy”. As part of the initiative, anyone can purchase a sheep and pass it to DUM RT in the Zakat fund and transfer the meat to the needy. Currently, more than 100 applications have already been sent to the Kurban Meat Fund, among them the poor, the disabled, people in difficult situations, orphans. The Foundation takes care of all organizational issues: from procurement to distribution to the needy. Also, the Zakyat Foundation can consult with qualified specialists in the sacrifice procedure and get recommendations from verified suppliers of sacrificial animals who control the slaughter. Fund services are free. The cost of sheep – 8 000 rubles. The number of animals is limited. Telephone for information: +7 (843) 225-33-22.

A new initiative on the eve of the holiday is a joint charity event by the Charity Foundation “Zakyat” and the barbershop “Sakal”. Within the framework of the action, the fund’s wards will provide free hairdressing services. Children will also enjoy a photo session with famous players of Ak Bars hockey club Emil Garipov and Albert Yarullin, gifts and a table with treats.

And on Araf’s day, which is the culmination of the Hajj, the Zakyat Charity Foundation will hold an Iftar for its wards in one of the Kazan mosques. Note that the observance of fasting on this day is Sunna. The Prophet Muhammad said: “The sins of the one who will fast on this day will be washed away over the previous and next years.” A charity dinner will bring together 200 people.

In addition, on the days of Kurban-Bairam celebrations, the Charity Foundation “Zakyat” traditionally organizes  distribution of meat for low-income groups of the population. In total this year, the Zakat Foundation plans to distribute about 5 tons of sacrificial meat for large and non-full  families, single people without guardians, and social institutions. Among them: the first children’s hospice, Kazan hospice them. A. Vavilova, boarding school №1 for children with mental disabilities, special correctional general education boarding school №4 for children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, ANO “Volga preventive center” Life without diabetes “, rehabilitation center for people with disabilities” Ascent “, Psycho-neurological dispensary, Zelenodolsk, regional public organization of parents of disabled children of the RT” Zabota “and others.

Those in need may call +7 (843) 225-33-22 and tell their story. Specialists of the Zakat Foundation will advise everyone and tell you what documents you need to provide for assistance.

Social activity will continue after Kurban-bairam. A charity dinner will be held in the complex “Tugan Avilym”, in which 250 people will take part.








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