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On the premiere of the second season of the project Әlbәttә

On the premiere of the second season of the project Әlbәttә

March 1, 2017, Ildar Ayupov and Theory of Design Studio have launched the second season of the popular science project Әlbәttә. The first season of the project came exactly one year ago – March 4, 2016.

Elbette.ru – it is a popular science project, which aims to acquaint a wide range of viewers with Tatar science. This project publishes a short video lectures contemporary scholars and specialists in the field of Tatar history, linguistics, literature, art and folklore. The duration of each lecture 5-20 minutes. The style of broadcasting is popular to make an unprepared viewer could perceive specialized topics.

Despite the great scientific experience and broad base, which has the scientific community of the republic, the scientific potential is poorly implemented. Scientists do not know general audience, and scientific research among students is

not prestigious. Әlbәttә project aims to raise the profile of science, show topics and research areas, and thus to attract new people to the scientific community.

In addition, the project puts the task of passing knowledge in a compact form.

The new season will perform 12 scientists and experts with 40-50 video lectures. By today 6 lectures have been released. Updates will take place every week.

Now, the project will include lectures in Russian, and Tatar lectures will be with Russian subtitles. In addition, the site has the text of each lecture in both official languages of the Republic.

The new interface allows website show more lectures on the main page. The internal pages are now easier to navigate and find information.

We also proposed a new category – “Typyr-typyr grammar”, which succinctly and fun to talk about the structure of the Tatar language. For this column, several series were created. Now it published a pilot series of Tatar phonetics.

A team of 15-20 people are working over the project. The preparation and the shooting took place in December and February.

We remind Әlbәttә – it is a personal non-commercial project by Ildar Aiupov – head of design studio of Theory (teorius.ru) from Kazan.

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