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“Parenting: religious and national aspects”

“Parenting: religious and national aspects”

March  05, 2020

The Kazan branch of the World Tatars Congress took part in the conference “Parenting in the family: religious and national aspects”. The event took place in the educational center named after Ahmazaki Hazrat Safiullin.

The participants in the practical conference were welcomed by  deputy head of the Nurlat region, Ilyas Akhmetzyanov and imam-mukhtasib Nail Khazrat Abulkhanov. The subsequent speeches highlighted the issues of preserving  native language, spiritual and moral education in the family. Noteworthy were the speeches by  head of the Nurlat local branch of the World Congress of the Tatars Alfiya Galautdinova on events held in the Tatar language at the region; the local poetess,  head of the Nurlat local organization of the public organization of Tatar women “Ak kalfak” Fauziya Mukhammetova about preparing girls for marriage.

The speech by Ramzia Gallyamutdinova, deputy chairman of the Kazan branch of the World Congress of Tatars and the Nurlat community, on  preservation of cemeteries aroused great interest among the participants.

The conference was attended by teachers of the Tatar language of the schools of the district and teachers lecturing the basics of religion the courses at mosques. Exhibitions from the museum of Gabdulla Kariev, the inter-settlement central library, the Regional Museum of the History of Zakamye and the city of Nurlat were organized in the conference hall. National costumes, the creative heritage of the Tatar people were presented. The fact that the exhibition of the Gabdulla Kariev Museum was dedicated to the outstanding religious figure Akhmadzaki Hazrat Safiullin, whose name is the educational center, received symbolic significance.

“The upbringing that Akhmazaki Hazrat received in the family from his mother, his life path are completely in tune with the theme of today’s conference,” said the director of the museum, Luzia Valiullina.





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