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PEAK  GALYABANU: Tatar folklore ensemble from Kokshetau awarded the title “People’s”

PEAK  GALYABANU: Tatar folklore ensemble from Kokshetau awarded the title “People’s”

PEAK  GALYABANU: Tatar folklore ensemble from Kokshetau awarded the title “People’s”

January 08, 2019

During  the first years of the formation of an independent state of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the national diasporas living in the territory of the republic  took their first tentative steps. Among them there were also  the Tatars. Already on March 17, 1990, the first constituent conference on the creation of a center of Tatar culture was held in Kokshetau city. The first person to become the head of society was the famous person in the city – Khakim Mullich Moldybaev.

At the same time, on the initiative of the activists of the ethnic association, the idea was born of organizing a creative team of amateur artists, in which people of different ages, devoted to their own song, music, and word, could realize their talents. Thus, the Tatar folklore ensemble “Galyabanu” was born. For many years Askiya Fatyhovna Akhmetshina has been  its leader and inspirer.

From the first days and until now the activists of the ensemble – Sarvar Mubarakshina, Faima Mayshkina, Farida Hanafieva. Among the veterans of the ensemble are Rosa and Sharif Badertdinov, Mazhit Varin and Hurriya Fatkhiyeva, Ahmet Baimuldin. The family ensemble of the Salimovs, the singers  Tanzilya Zinnatullina, Inna Kalita, Rimma Sabitova, Yana Khabibullina, Gulsina Faizlieva, musicians Kurban Talipov, Khaidar Khafizov, Nikolai Nereitin, Alexey Sagan, Marat Bektasov, and others have  contributed to the ensemble’s history. For long years  take part   Anuza Urmanova, Gaukhar Aminova, Svetlana Ibragimova, Victoria Mukhamedzhanova. Roza Tkacheva, Gulsina Valeeva, Alfiya Ibragimova, Naylya Ilbaeva, Fania Mubarakshina and others are delighting the audience with their vocal talent.

Activists took part in the republican Sabantuis, traveled with concerts to places of compact residence of the Tatars – Atbasar, Schuchinsk, Stepnogorsk, Kzyltu, Stepniak, Imantau, etc.

On an almost 30-year career, a lot has been experienced, achieved, lost … The meaning of the last word is about those who had died, but have remained in memory. It should be noted that the ensemble has a lot of diplomas, letters of thanks and other awards for active participation in the activities of the regional and city levels. And these are lines from the official document:

“The Tatar-Bashkir folklore ensemble Galyabanu has been the most active member of our public association for more than 26 years. With our creativity and active life position, “our grandmothers” strive to preserve the language, culture and traditions of the Tatars and Bashkirs of our region, contributing to the strengthening of the unity of the multinational Kazakhstan unity.

At the end of October 2016 at the 17th International Festival-Contest of Tatar Art “Kozge Irtysh Monnary” in Semey they won the title of Laureate, taking 1st place in their nomination among other collectives  from  Kazakhstan and Russia, once again confirming their worthy place in our international society. Sarvar Mubarakshina  has won the Laureate of  second degree, Svetlana Ibrahimova became the laureate of  the festival.

The ECO Board, together with the leadership of the Kogamdyk Kelissim KSU, prepared documents for conferring the title of “Amateur People’s  Collective” to the vocal folklore ensemble “Galyabanu”. A prerequisite for the approval of the title “People’s Group” is the financial support for the rates of the leader-choirmaster and bayan player-accompanist of the collective from the local budget.

We ask for your support and assistance in resolving this issue. Chairman of the NGO Tatars and Bashkirs of the Akmola region Rafail Sulkarnaev “.

This application letter for № 15, dated 11/16/2016 was prepared by the board of the public association of Tatars and Bashkirs of the region and the collective of the ensemble “Galyabanu” addressed to the deputy governor of the region and the head of the regional department of culture. And only in the late autumn of this year, amateur artists finally reached the final stretch. As part of many other collectives in the region who had submitted applications for the award of a high rank, Galiyanu successfully passed the qualifying round and was awarded this title the other day, to which it led a long and difficult path.

Literally on the eve of the New Year, an order has been  signed that the Tatar folklore ensemble was awarded the title “People’s Amateur Collective”. A lot of effort and effort is attached to this event by the leadership of the association and the Palace of Public Accord, the leader of the ensemble Saken Karbaev. It should be noted that there are several teams in the regional center that have the title of “people’s”. Among them are the ensembles “Russian song”, “Sudarushka”, the choir of veterans of the recreation center “Kokshetau”, etc.

Now the everyday life of amateur artists is again filled with painstaking troubles. They are preparing for official celebrations dedicated to such a high achievement for them. There are “ Tremendous plans ” for the upcoming 2019.




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