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Peoples’ Friendship Festival held in Tyumen Oblast

Peoples’ Friendship Festival held in Tyumen Oblast

March 13, 2020

On March 8, at the constituency of State Duma deputy Valeev Ernest Abdulovich, a big holiday was held – the Peoples’ Friendship Festival.

The village of Chechkino, Yarkovsky district, Tyumen oblast is famous for being the largest ancient Tatar village. It is located in a convenient and beautiful place – the interfluve of Tobol and Tura. Now the village is part of the Old Aleksandrovsky village council of the Yarkovsky district, but at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. The yurts  of Chichkinsky (Chechkinsky) belonged to Avazbakeevsky volost of the Yalutorovsky district.

Uninterrupted passage from Staroaleksandrovka to Chechkino is ensured by a modern, expensive bridge built at the beginning of the 21st century. A friendship bridge connects residents of different nationalities: if the Tatars have long lived on one bank, then the Komi-Zyryans on the other. Seven settlements – Staroaleksandrovka, Bolshoi Chechkino, Maloye Chechkino, Kurtyugan, Tarkhany, Yurtobor, Karban – the full composition of Mesopotamia.

The Yarkovsky Krai is a multinational land, friendship between peoples is its most important wealth. Russians, Tatars, Komi, Chuvashs, Kazakhs, Germans live in friendship and harmony.

On the first spring holiday – International Women’s Day – teenagers from the military-patriotic club “Plastun” took part in the festival. They chopped a vine with a saber, disassembled and assembled mass-size models of a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a Makarov pistol.

Also,  in the program of the event various games and competitions were announced, in which, in addition to local residents, foreign students studying in Tyumen universities took part. Athletes were expected to compete in power sports – kettlebells and arm wrestling.

The end of the holiday  there was horse racing, in which horsemen from six municipalities of the Tyumen region took part – six races took place on the equipped hippodrome in the center of the village.

The program of the Festival included a personal exhibition of paintings by Alfiya Mukhametova “My Roots”, deployed in the premises of the Chechkinskiy House of Culture. The opening ceremony was attended by numerous relatives, villagers, guests, fans, lovers of the multifaceted art of the original master.

Those present with great attention listened to  Head of the Yarkovsky municipal district, Yevgeny Zolotukhin, who invited eminent artist A. Mukhametova to take part in the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the Yarkovsky district. The head of the Old Aleksandrovsky settlement Khalil Kadyrov also joined this invitation.

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