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Photos from the personal archive of Marcel Salimzhanov presented at the exhibition in Moscow

Photos from the personal archive of Marcel Salimzhanov presented at the exhibition in Moscow

Photos from the personal archive of Marcel Salimzhanov presented at the exhibition in Moscow

January 12, 2019

In Moscow, at the State Theater Museum after A.A. Bakhrushin  the opening of the exhibition “Theater of Marseille Salimzhanov” took place It is dedicated to the life and work of theater director, People’s Artist of the USSR Marcel Salimzhanov (1934-2002).

The opening ceremony was attended by  general director of the Theater Museum after   A.A.   Bakhrushin  Dmitry Rodionov, First Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation Ildar Mukhamedyarov, Chief Director of the Tatar State Academic Theater Farid Bikchantaev, Director of the TGAT G.Kamala Ilfir Yakupov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Nationalities Affairs Ildar Gilmutdinov,  master  of the theater, Honored artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Skomorokhov, actors of the theater.

“For us, the figure of Marcel Salimzhanov is close and kin. The foundation that he has  laid in the development of the Tatar theater, and the strong traditions that he formed over many decades of leadership of the Kamal Theater, turned out to be so live and fruitful. The traditions that Farid Bikchantaev holds in his hands confirm a solid foundations that were taken by Farid Rafkatovich from Marcel Khakimovich. His contribution to the development of national drama,  formation of the national repertoire deserve all respect, are an example for many theaters in Russia, ”said Dmitry Rodinov, opening the exhibition.

“It is symbolic that the exhibition opens on the day the theater starts touring in Moscow. For us, this is a great joy, ”Dmitry Viktorovich stressed.

“There are many of his students in the hall, who can talk for hours, for days about Marcel Khakimovich Salimzhanov. When I entered, I saw our actors watching several of his performances on the screens. Because he had to be heard! ”, noted Farid Bikchantaev. He stressed that the memory of the person, the teacher is saved thanks to the students. “In the theater, no rehearsal takes place without memories of him, mention of his name. For us, this is a very live person. All that he laid in me, in his students, in the actors – it continues to live. This is the key to its viability, ”he stressed.

In 2019, the director would have turned 85 years old. The exhibition features photographs and posters of performances staged by Marcel Salimzhanov, costumes and details, as well as photographs from the director’s personal archive and video recordings of his performances.

Chief  director of the Tatar State Academic Theater  after G. Kamal  has been serving for 36 years. In 2001 he was awarded the Golden Mask National Theater Award in the nomination “For Honor and Dignity”.

Marcel Salimzhanov headed the theater in 1966, shortly after the young graduates of the M. Schepkin Theater School in Moscow – Rinat Tazetdinov, Nazhiba Ikhsanov, Ravil Sharafeyev, Azgar Shakirov and others joined his troupe.

Addressing  diverse traditions of world theater, he firmly established in the Tatar theater new principles of acting  stage  design.

The director staged more than 100 performances of various genres: “American” (1969), “Faded Stars” (1971), “Moody Fiance” (1975), “Kazan Towel” (1985), “Blue Shawl” (1985) and many others. They are part of the golden fund of the multinational theatrical culture of Russia.

In 1979, the creators of “Almandar” – playwright Tufan Minnullin, director Marcel Salimzhanov and  leading actor Shaukat Biktemirov – were awarded the RSFSR State Prize after  K.S. Stanislavsky. The incredible spectator success of “Almandara from the village of Aldermysh” is also indicated by the fact that the performance has remained in the theater repertoire for more than thirty years.

The exhibition “Theater of Marcel Salimzhanov” is open to visitors from January 12 to February 10, 2019.



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