Home / “Pitrau-2018” in Zuri village of Mamadysh district will gather more than 60 thousand guests
“Pitrau-2018” in Zuri village of Mamadysh district will gather more than 60 thousand guests

“Pitrau-2018” in Zuri village of Mamadysh district will gather more than 60 thousand guests

“Pitrau-2018” in Zuri village of Mamadysh district will gather more than 60 thousand guests

12.07. 2018

The festival, which this year will hold for the 19th time in a row, expects the arrival of more than 60,000 guests from all over Tatarstan and beyond. The organizers of the event   have prepared a rich entertainment program.

Holiday program

17.00 – Horse racing

17.00 – National courtyard, where the culture, life of the Kryashens will be presented, folklore ensembles of Mamadysh, Kukmorsky, Zainsky, Mendeleevsky, Tyulyachinsky, Rybnoslobodsky, Nagaybaksky district of  the  Chelyabinsk region, the Bakalinsky district of Bashkortostan, an exhibition of works of pottery and blacksmiths.

17.00 – The work of the renovated museum-farm “Pitrau”

17.00 – Children’s playground “Skazka”

Work of animators, attractions, folk and sports games (after 22.00 on this Karaoke site)

18.00 – Grand opening of the holiday

Musical and artistic composition.

The main idea – legends about the creation of settlements of the Kryashens, with reference to the terrain, water resources

Official congratulations,

Part of rewarding (Prime Minister of RT A. Pesoshin takes part )

19.00. Start of work of all sites:

Folk games on the central site:

Fighting on the stumps, running with knots, running in fins, running with wheelbarrows, fighting pots, looking for coins in katyk, fighting with the feet, pulling the reins, picking eggs on the grass, transferring dumbbells, catching rabbits and cocks, climbing a vertical pole, battle on the boom, pot war, tug-of-war, chess checkers, kettlebell lifting, arm sport.

Games, water competitions

Fighting in a boom over the water, catching fish with your hands, climbing over an inclined pole above the water

National wrestling:

men 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 and over 120 kg

the young man of 2000. and younger: 32, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 65, 75 kg.

veterans: 50-60 years, 60 years – absolute.categories

Belt wrestling:

women: up to 65 kg, over 65 kg.

The strongest fighters of the holiday prepared certificates for the purchase of cars

“Kryashensky courtyard “

“Kubyzist Makar’s Hut”

Gala concert of the folk festival “Horovod on Pitrau”

Holiday bonfire

Performances by folklore collectives of the republic and regions of Russia (more than 20), folk games, dances, masters-classes from remeshlenikov, tasting of national dishes.


“Kryashenka Beauty” site

Only in Pitrau you can take part in the competition for the best bouquet of wildflowers, shine with knowledge about the culture, traditions of the Kryashens, sing and dance in Kryashen and win the title “Kryashen Beauty.” Young guardians of  Kryashen culture surprised with their talent in the performance of folk songs, dances, the preparation of national dishes. 12 silver beauties will fight for the silver crown. The winner will receive a cash prize of 50 thousand rubles.

“Corner of Matchmaker Gruny”

Here you can leave an application specifying the requirements and search criteria in it. The generated database will help the applicant. The newly-minted couple will receive a certificate of acquaintance on Pitrau and an invitation to return to the clearing already as a married couple.

“Pantry of nature”

Guests of the holiday will be treated with aromatic tea from medicinal herbs. The herbalist’s shop will be deployed. Handicraft workshops are presented.

“Songs of the spring” Tyali “

The water of the spring “Tyali Chishmese” since ancient times is considered curative. Local people willingly tell the story of this source. Many years ago, a tired woman on the road with a child in her arms stopped at the spring to quench her thirst, to wash herself. Her baby could not walk. By washing the child’s feet with spring water, she asked God for help. Prayers were heard. Kid ran on the green grass. Ever since, many have come to the spring. Source is named by  the locals as the Holy.


Concert hall:


Actors of the Tatar stage and performers of Kryashen songs:

Rishat Tukhvatullin, Venera Ganieva, Georgy Ibushev, Riaz Fasihov, Vitaly Agapov, Irke, Vadim Zakharov, Minol Galiev, Alina Davydova, Marina Karpova, Rishat Fazliakhmetov, Elena Bicharina, Valery Shrykov, Larisa Basyrova, Rimma Nikitina, Radik Sharibzhanov, Rafina Ganiullina, ensemble “Barmenchek”


20.00 Youth disco “Pitrau”

Peformances by  Ilnaz Safiullin, Munir Rakhmaev, Ilnaz Garipov, Vildan Villi, Albert Nurminsky, Farid Nizamiev.

Moderator – Lenar Elmai

– DJs (Ilfat Fathrakhmanov and Azat Sitdikov)

– MC Almaz Gallyamov

23.30 – bonfire lighting, ceremonial games on the playground “Kryashen Chibyare”

01.00 Festive fireworks.

Location: Republic of Tatarstan, Mamadyshsky district, p. Züri, Tyllau meadow

Date: July 14, 2018




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