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Plenipotentiary Representation of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation established the Advisory Council on the work with public organizations

The Plenipotentiary Representation of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation held a meeting with the leaders of the Tatar public organizations of Moscow and the Moscow region. The event  was held by  Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan – Plenipotentiary  Representative  of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation Ravil Akhmetshin.

The meeting was attended by the honorary president of the Moscow  (TNKA) Tatar National Autonomy Cultural   Rasim Akchurin, Vice-President and Chief of Staff of the Russian Muftis Council  Rushan Hazrat Abbyasov, Chairman   Farid Mukhtasar  RTNKA  MO (Moscow Oblast),  Chairman of the NGO “TSC”, the President of MTNKA  Domodedovo and First Deputy Chairman of the NGO “Zemlyachestvo(Compatriots of Tatarstan) ” Fuad Sultanov, acting chairman of Moscow ROO  RTNKA  Farid Faris, Chairman of the regional public organization “Union of Tatars of Moscow” Gayar Shabanov and many others. All in all, about forty leaders and active members of the Tatar public organizations.

Ravil Kalimullovich briefly summarized the work of the mission  of Tatarstan for  the past year, including those associated with the uniting fellow tribesmen in the Moscow region(oblast).    He stressed  the work of  active clubs on  professional interests set up under  the representation, ​​” Zemlyachestvo (Compatriots) of  Tatarstan” and the Youth Council. Ravil Akhmetshin thanked members of the public, who are actively involved in the activities of representation, for their efforts aimed at preserving the Tatar culture and traditions, the memory of outstanding fellow countrymen.

Ravil Kalimullovich also shared his plans for the coming year. He noted that in February and April  commemorative events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the poet-hero Musa Jalil and 130th anniversary of G. Tukai  would  be  held.

The meeting participants were reminded of the online school, “Ana’s tele ,”  which classes start  February 1 and now  collecting  of  applications from those wishing to study Tatar  is under way. The conversation also touched on the possibility of creating  by joint efforts  the museum of the Tatar Culture in Moscow.

The date of the “Sabantui” in Moscow and the region has been identified. Taking into account that the holy month of Ramadan  begins  June 6, 2016,  a joint decision was taken to hold  “Sabantui 2016” on  July 9, in  the urban district of Domodedovo, Moscow region, July  10 in the urban district Kolomna, Moscow region and the pre-July 17 – in Moscow.

At the meeting it  has been resolved to establish the Advisory Council  under  the  Plenipotentiary representation of Tatarstan   for   working  with associations of Moscow and the Moscow region, which will coordinate the activities of organizations. It will include representatives of all the organizations that participated in the meeting. The participants exchanged views on the tasks and functions of the Council.

The first meeting of the Advisory Council will be held in February.

Col. Gen. Rasim  Akchurin, for many years having led   the Regional Tatar national-cultural autonomy of Moscow, the  decision to establish a Council called timely and important. “Only by working together we can  achieve good results,” – he stressed.

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