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Premiere of the new Tatar film “Aisylu”

Premiere of the new Tatar film “Aisylu”

February 11 a new Tatar film “Aisylu” directed by Rustam Rashitov premieres at the cinema “Mir”. “Aisylu” – a new feature film, shot in Tatarstan, a touching story of “Cinderella Kazan.”

The main heroine of the picture – a young girl with a stunningly beautiful voice. Due to a foot injury, she can only move on crutches. Aisylu lives in the village with her mother and her future looks bleak. But one day the girl seems a chance to completely change her life.

The film was shot in the Tatar language. It starred by artists of Tatar Youth Theater and Theater named Kamala name after K.Tinchurin.

As reported by the filmmakers, the film “Aisylu” – this is just the beginning of the history of the main character. 2015 planned shooting a large series, viewers learn that continuation of the story of Cinderella Tatar.

The set of the series will be attended by well-known Tatar singers. The creators promise that the film will be comparable to the level with evening soap operas in the central Russian channels.

The premiere of the film “Aisylu” will take place on February 11 at the cinema “Mir”. The picture will be shown in the Tatar language with Russian subtitles.

Start watching at 18.30. Free admission.

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