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Presentation of the new documentary “Yavdat Ilyasov. Man from Mars»

Presentation of the new documentary “Yavdat Ilyasov. Man from Mars»

The National Library of Uzbekistan named after A.Navoi in Tashkent hosted a presentation of a new documentary film by the deserved artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Aliaskar Fatkhullin “Yavdat Ilyasov. A man from Mars. ”

The film tells about the life of writer-historian Yavdat Ilyasov, the author of such famous works as “The Path of Anger”, “Sogdiana”, “Spotted Death”, “Snake charmer”, “Anahita’s Revenge”. The project was implemented with the assistance of the S. Marjani Foundation.

The event was attended by close writers, actors, cultural and art figures, famous filmmakers Ali Khamraev, Jasur Iskhakov and many others.

Representation of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The film is based on the director’s conversations with people who knew Yavdat Ilyasov personally. His son Jangar Ilyasov, daughter  Klara Larina and Ilona Ilyasova, daughter-in-law Saida Ilyasova, grandchildren Roman Larin and Maryam Ilyasova, poet Raim Farhadi, writer Sukhrob Mukhamedov, film actor Rustam Sagdullayev, art critic Tigran Mkrtychev, writer Boris Golender are sharing memories about the writer.

The opinion of the film was expressed by journalist Boris Babayev:

“I watched the film from beginning to end, never stopping. It contains very valuable and interesting information about the writer, whose books have grown more than one generation of readers. The film is made at the highest level. All the skill that director Aliaskar Fatkhullin has amassed over the years of creative activity, he invested in this work. ”

The film uses footage from the films of the Central Archive of Film-Photo-Phonodocuments of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The music of Claude Debussy, Nicolo Paganini, Rudolfo Falvo, Deriz-El-Attash, Rumil Vildanov, Michael Tior.


The idea of ​​the project belongs to the director and screenwriter Ali Khamrayev.

Written and directed by: Aliaskar Fatkhullin.

General Producer: Rustam Suleymanov.

Operators: Edem Aliyev, Ruben Fatkhullin, Riaz Iskhakov.

Sound producers: Vladimir Baramykov, Ilnur Sarbaev.

Installation: Aliaskar Fathullin.

Executive producers: Gulzada Nechaeva, Artem Kosar, Natalia Nazarova.

Yavdat Ilyasov was born on February 16, 1929 in the village of Islambakhty of the Belebeevsky region  of the Bashkir ASSR, now Yermekeyevsky district of Bashkortostan. By nationality Tatar. His works were written in Russian, journalistic works in Bashkir, Russian, Tatar and Uzbek languages. He translated Bashkir, Uzbek, Karakalpak, Korean, Crimean-Tatar poets. His works have been translated into Uzbek, Tatar, Slovak and other languages. The total circulation of Ilyasov’s books exceeds 23 million copies.

Since 1931 he lived in Uzbekistan. He graduated from the pedagogical college of Beloretsk, worked as a shepherd, tractor driver, mechanic, baker, draftsman, artist-designer, managed a club, a library, directed amateur art activities; taught at the school Uzbek language, drawing. Since 1952 – head of the department of literature and art, translator and correspondent of the Ufa newspaper “Leninets”, litsointerman in the newspapers “Tashkent Truth”, “Komsomolets Uzbekistan”, “Athlete of Uzbekistan”, head of the department of poetry in the magazine “Star of the East”.

Ilyasov’s first historical story (1956) is devoted to the struggle of the Massagets against the invasion of Persia into Central Asia. Works: Historical novellas and novels The Arrow and the Sun (1954), The Trail of Anger (1956), Sogdiana (1959), Spotted Death (1964), The Black Widow (1966), The Golden Idol (1973), Anahita’s Revenge (1984); novels The Snake Charmer (1979) and The Tower of Silence (1982) about Omar

Khayyam et al.

Life of  Yavdat Ilyasova, full of mysteries and incredible events, made him a unique person, and he, of course, could not help but realize it. A person who did not even graduate from high school in the 50-70s of the last century wrote books that continue to be reprinted in Uzbekistan and abroad. He created not only historical bestsellers, poems, scripts, translations into Russian, but also fantastic stories about himself. One of them is that he is a man from Mars. He told his son for the night, laying him to sleep …

Tragically died June 19, 1982, swimming in the Tashkent  Komsomolskoye lake. He was buried in the cemetery “Chilonzor ota”, in the central part of it.

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