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President of Tatarstan spoke with the Tatars of Switzerland

President of Tatarstan spoke with the Tatars of Switzerland

President of Tatarstan spoke with the Tatars of Switzerland

23.03. 2018

The delegation of Tatarstan headed by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov is on a two-day visit to Switzerland. By tradition, the head of the republic, and this time, having found time in his busy working schedule, met with the local Tatar community. The meeting took place in the conference hall of the hotel La Reserve Geneve.


The moderator of the meeting with the Tatar community of Switzerland was Deputy Prime Minister of RT, Chairman of the National Council of the World Congress of Tatars Vasil Shaykhraziev, who is also currently on a working visit to Switzerland.

The first word was given to chief of the Association of Tatars and Bashkirs of Switzerland “Yuldash” Regina Schegoleva. She presented the Association, which was organized in December 2015 by nine activists from Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, showed a video about Sabantuy in Geneva. She shared her plans for the future.

The doctoral student in linguistics at the University of Geneva, Guljikhan Kashaeva, spoke about the importance of preserving the Tatar language in the world.

Co-founder and project director of the Charitable Foundation for Assistance to the Homeless Animals “We Want Home” Lyubov Kamosko-Airandzhi told about the work of the Foundation. Living in Switzerland, she organized a fund and a shelter for homeless pets in the city of Kazan and continues to engage in charitable activities in Switzerland.

Then children  of the Tatar diaspora made a performance  before the delegation from  Tatarstan – they showed the dance and musical items. Guillaume Darles performed throat singing and composition in Kubyz in the Tatar language.

Tatars living in Switzerland also announced concrete proposals. Among them: the creation of Google translate (translation into the Tatar language), the holding in Geneva  courses on the Tatar wrestling   Koresh, visiting by  Tatar children from Switzerland summer camps “Syolet”, assistance in providing literature in the Tatar language, etc.

Rustam Minnikhanov highly appreciated the activities of the Association “Yuldash and wished success. Concluding the meeting, the President presented a letter of gratitude to Regina Shcheglova. He also presented the organization “Yuldash” with the 7th volume “History of Tatars” and DVD-karaoke.



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