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February 3, at 18:00, at the architectural and educational space in BFFT. space KGASU (Kazan State Architectural and building University features a presentation of the project “Biste 2.0” ( “Sloboda 2.0”), developed by the World Forum of Tatar youth with participation of Applied Urban Center.

The event was organized to discuss the possibilities of interaction of the initiators of the project with the architectural community, a joint study of suburban areas.

The project “Biste 2.0” ( “Sloboda 2.0”), dedicated to rethinking the territories of Kazan Tatar settlements with the participation of researchers – representatives of various sciences, local residents, interested parties of the territory. As part of the project representatives of the Forum held two tours of Novo-Tatar settlement – one focused on the main points of attraction, the other – the history of the

fur factory. Also, within the “Biste 2.0” a project was carried out for another tour of the Tatar settlement – Admiralty (Bishbalte). Each event conducted not only by guides, but also locals. The plans – Research of Yagodny Porokhovoy settlements.

In addition, the forum plans to launch a website dedicated to Tatar settlements, currently is under development methods of Tatar settlements research in other cities. and plans to launch a project for International Day of the settlements, which will unite the urban Tatars throughout Russia.

For more information on the date, within the project the New Tatar Sloboda was studied – the historic district of Kazan, which appeared in the late 18th century, the expansion of Old Tatar settlement. There are monuments of historical and cultural heritage, including several religious buildings, in Soviet times, in the territory, one of the strongest organized criminal groups was active, and since the Tzar times in the settlement the fur production is located. And now this area is curious and not for nothing – from handicraft and ethnic

industry, it has turned into a ghetto, close to the center. There are a private wooden low-rise buildings, high-rise housing and industrial buildings of different eras, boat station, a correctional facility, an elevator, a passenger and cargo river port, the bus station, the Interior Ministry database, ancient Tatar cemetery. Here is actively developing small business, there is a change of owners of private buildings, successfully operates a large entertainment center. The guides are just beginning to explore the local attractions. In fact – this area has a great development potential.

According to the plan of the authorities and the project APUDG IBFD Fund and Malaysian companies Sloboda must undergo a large-scale renovation and turned into an international financial center. Unfortunately, detailed studies what is the settlement for the city and residents were not carried out. Therefore, during the autumn the Forum and the Center for Applied Urban Settlement studied, fixing its life in all its forms and communicating with its citizens. Research objectives were formulated:

decipher the cultural codes of the territory;

identify active local residents;

explore the history of settlement in the human dimension;

submit to an independent urban conclusions and recommendations for the designers;

offer their own versions of the territory development.

The results will be presented to the architectural community within the event, with the hope of a professional dialogue and cooperation.

The program includes:

Opening remarks by Chairman of the World Forum of Tatar Youth Tabris Yarullin

Screening of “Novo-Tatar Sloboda. What future awaits it? ”

Airat Faizrakhmanov, Ph.D., Vice-Chairman of the World Forum of Tatar youth. “Chronology of settlement: dates, persons, objects’

Maria Leontieva, a sociologist, Coordinator of the Center for Applied Urban. “Investigation of the New Tatar settlement and its conclusions”

Proposals for the development of Novo-Tatar settlements: infrastructure, media, tourism

Reports by the interested on development of the territory: FUN24, Rozovya Mosque, the mosque “Isketash”

Project discussion

Continuation of presentation of the project “Biste 2.0” will be the Tour of Novo-Tatar Sloboda for students and teachers of KGASU on February 04, 10:30 – 13:00

The tour will conduct Airat Faizrakhmanov – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the World Forum of Tatar youth.

During excursions Airat Faizrakhnabov will tell about significant architectural structures and a variety of objects now preserved, and those disappeared without a trace, who lived here and how to live the very settlement that keeps its

history, what is its drama, and why these places are particularly valuable for Tatars. Together, we will pass on the most important historical sites. We’ll see how settlement lives today. Let’s talk not only about the past but also about the prospects of its development.


Route: House of mazut (fuel oil), Iske-Tash Mosque, Museum of fur associations, Tatar gymnasium № 1, Ak mechet, Novotatarskoe cemetery, Al mechet (madrassas named after the 1000th anniversary of adoption of Islam.)


At different points of the route a tour to be led by the old-timers, the imam of the mosque, madrasah teachers and historians, Airat Faizrakhmanov will complement and comment on their story.

Participation – free.

Press service of the World Tatar Youth

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