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 Publishing House “Khuzur” published the book “Kurban”

 Publishing House “Khuzur” published the book “Kurban”

Publishing House “Khuzur” published the book “Kurban”

August 14, 2018

On the eve of the great holiday of Kurban Bairam Publishing House “Khuzur” DUM RT offers its readers another edition called “Kurban”. The book is a complete guide to the history of sacrifice, the conditions and rules of kurban, as well as its importance and place in the Sharia. How to properly make a sacrifice, what rituals to perform, how the tradition arose to make kurban – these and many other issues in Kurban are given useful and comprehensive information. The book will become a table in every Muslim family and will be a wonderful gift for the upcoming holiday for every believer.

The book can be purchased at the address: Kazan, Gazovaya street, 19 (RII). The price of the book is 25 rubles.


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