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Reviving traditions – through games

Reviving traditions – through games

Reviving traditions – through games


Placing videos about children’s national games on social networks and organizing these games live in  renovated courtyards are planned in Tatarstan as part of the Uen Fest festival.

How often can you see children on the street now playing traditional games? Do we ourselves, adults, remember the folk games of childhood? Sometimes we have no time to communicate with children, and they spend all the time in gadgets. The Uen Fest festival, planned in the near future, is aimed at the development of social and intra-family communications with  participation of children, as well as  revival of the cultural and ritual traditions of the peoples of Tatarstan.

At a press conference in Tatar-Inform, Minister of Culture of the Republic Irada Ayupova outlined  essence of the project. It consists in the following. A library of national games will be created on social networks on a special channel. There will be placed Tatar, Russian, Mari, Chuvash, Mordovian games, as well as games of other peoples living in Tatarstan.

Irada Ayupova brought to the attention of journalists small videos where children participate in these games, showing the most positive emotions and forgetting about gadgets.

“All state theater and entertainment institutions, art groups are involved in  process of preparing such videos, each of them prepares its presentations. Also,  archival records of these games  are collected. All this will be posted on a specially created channel on YouTube and in social networks under certain hashtags. These will be online and offline formats. When mass events with  participation of up to 40-50 people are allowed, animators of the Kazan State Institute of Culture and all our professional theaters will come to the courtyards and work with children. Moreover, thanks to the Our Yard program, children’s playgrounds are also being put in order, ”said the speaker.

Irada Ayupova explained that an online campaign will be launched, which will be held in two formats. The first is a competition between teams, each of which can post on the channel a video with real games they found in our library, and declare that famous artists come to them and conduct this lesson with them in the yard.

The second format is a competition between those who will post these games on social networks and promote their revival. These will be some kind of contests. The festival will run until June 1, 2021. The most active participants will be awarded on this day.

By the way, there are good prizes – bicycles, scooters and so on. Also, based on the results of individual promotions, intermediate bonuses will be awarded.

“What is it for? I believe that we have too much virtual world and little real. Children are losing the tradition of living communication. They suffer from a lack of normal human communication, which forms a team spirit and increases the level of people’s trust in each other, ”said Irada Ayupova.

The project will be continued in  revival of national ceremonies for adults. The traditional ritual culture is of great interest to young people today.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has designated culture and  preservation of traditions as one of the country’s development priorities until 2030,” Ayupova said. – Recently  head of our republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, published his programmatic article “Tatars: loyalty to traditions, confidence in the future”, in which he appeals to  self-consciousness of every citizen of the republic. And, indeed, we can preserve ourselves, our identity, our culture only if we start with ourselves. ”

At the end of the press conference, the theater actress Kamala Milyausha Shaikhutdinova and  puppeteer of the Ekiyat puppet theater Albina Shagalieva shared their experience of preparing videos with traditional games for children.


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