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Rinat Zakirov: at the Muslyumovo,  population lives not   for   today but  for future

Rinat Zakirov: at the Muslyumovo,  population lives not   for   today but  for future

Rinat Zakirov: at the Muslyumovo,  population lives not   for   today but  for future

March 15, 2019

Every year, as part of the gathering of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages, delegates are introduced to the experience of some advanced region. This year, this trip was organized to  the Muslyumovsky district. It was a useful experience for representatives of small and medium business who gathered at  the meeting   from 40 regions of Russia.

Head of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars, Rinat Zakirov, choosing a place to hold delegates ’gathering, came to Muslyumovo and, having communicated with the head of the district, made sure that entrepreneurs should be invited to this area. The head of the district spoke with such love about his district, about the successes achieved in recent years in the field of entrepreneurship, and it was decided to give preference to the Muslyumovsky district.

The population living in this area does not live for today, but for the future. This is truly an example for all of us. We saw that there are leaders who have been able to change the life of our people for more than 5 years, ”said Rinat Zakirov.

The head of the Muslyumovsky district, Ramil Mullin, in turn, noted that two development directions are priorities for them. According to him, one of them is economic growth, the second is spiritual and moral development.

Over 5 years of his leadership in the Muslyumovsky district, there have been big positive changes – roads have been built, cemeteries have been put in order, water lines have been repaired, streets are lit, social facilities have been updated. All this was done with the help of the population: through self-taxation, receiving subsidies from the state. For 2-3 years built sports facilities, parks.

Success can be achieved only when there are people with a big heart in the village. We try to explain this to business representatives, urging them to take an active part in the development of their native village, region. All work in the area was carried out jointly, says Ramil Mullin.

Today, 485 business entities operate in the district. Small business is 40%.  Salary  has increased. The poultry industry is developing particularly actively in Muslyumovo; 25 industries are operating in this industry. By the end of the year, another 10 are expected to appear. For chicken, people come here from Irkutsk, Kaliningrad and other Russian regions.

Delegates of the All-Russian gathering of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages could see for themselves the achievements of the Muslyumovsky district, get acquainted with the dairy production, poultry farms and other types of entrepreneurship, as well as communicate with farmers and ask them their questions.

We will be happy if the entrepreneurs who took part in our forum can use the experience of Muslumovo in their field, ”said Rinat Zakirov




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