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Rinat Zakirov: “Gathering    of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages is the largest event held by the Congress”

Rinat Zakirov: “Gathering    of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages is the largest event held by the Congress”


Rinat Zakirov: “Gathering    of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages is the largest event held by the Congress”

01.03. 2018


“There is no nation without land. The culture of each people begins precisely from   land . And the extinction of each people begins with separation from land. Our people, Thank God,  are  famous for industriousness.  Rural entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Tatar villages, they  give the villagers jobs and earnings, “said Farit Urazaev, executive director of the World Association of Assistance to Tatar Entrepreneurs.


Tonight the delegates of the All-Russian gathering  of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages at the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan summed up the discussion platforms that  had  taken place in the afternoon. They also talked about the role of agricultural producers in creating social and economic foundations in the Tatar villages.


First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Rishat Khabipov, noted that villagers from time immemorial were proud of having kept cattle. Today, to save and develop their activities in the countryside, the state helps them to open their business. Part of the  presented  grants is implemented at the republican level, while others are subsidized from the federal budget.


Today there are 1 million people living in the village. In 65 thousand farms 110 thousand cows are kept. And the support from the state to the villagers is certainly not superfluous. Rishat Khabipov told the participants of the meeting about these measures. So, the program “Family farms” assumes support in amount of 1 million rubles for those who contain 25 or more cows. Personal subsidiary farms can also count on support. Those who have expanded the number of cows to 5 receive a subsidy of 120 thousand rubles. Municipalities, on the other hand, allocate help from their own budget for  purchase of milking devices. With the help of these measures it was possible to stop the decline in the number of cattle.


Also, there is support for those who first decided to purchase a calf. The state returns 15 thousand of its value.


– Tatarstan is the leader in milk production. In Russia, our Republic has no equal. For a year we produce 1 million 800 thousand liters of milk. Now the task is to bring this volume to 2 million liters, “Rishat Khabipov said.


Head of the organization “Ak kalfak” summed up the section “Family farms”. According to her, 102 entrepreneurs took part in the section, 10 families shared their experience of running a farm.


Chairman of the public organization “The Society of Tatar Local History” told about the activities carried out by their organization in the field of studying the history of the native land. According to him, there are a lot of ancient villages in the republic, but many have not been studied. However, in recent years, much has been done in this direction.


Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov summed up the results of the event:


– Starting this project, we thought that it would turn into a big movement. Indeed, today we can happily say that our expectations have come true. Entrepreneurs who gather at this event are those who make up the basis of the village. Today our movement is already giving out sprouts in other regions – Chuvashia and the Perm region are holding their own forums. The congress holds more than a dozen events and I can say with certainty that the meeting of entrepreneurs of Tatar villages is the largest of them.



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