Home / Rinat Zakirov: “When something happens among Tatars, they immediately say: where WCT (World Congress of Tatars) looks at ?”
Rinat Zakirov: “When something happens among Tatars, they immediately say: where WCT (World Congress of Tatars) looks at ?”

Rinat Zakirov: “When something happens among Tatars, they immediately say: where WCT (World Congress of Tatars) looks at ?”

What caused DISCORD of Tatars in Moscow and Kiev, WHY “Tatneft” must intervene in the affairs of the Tatar community in Kiev and by what Fauzia Bairamova is busy with in WCT?

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress Rinat Zakirov is going to the end to defend his opinion on the Presidency of the Republic of Tatarstan. He said this during an Internet conference “Business Online». He believes that namely denomination of position is adequate to the task uniting Tatars associations around the world. R. Zakirov, answering questions from readers, said aslo, who is sponsoring a Sabantui across Russia, how the WCT has positioned itself in politics, who and why invited him to head the executive committee.

“Where Tatars, THERE is SABANTUY”

– Rinat Zinnurovich, what country or region in Russia Tatars have the most powerful and active communities?

– Today , Tatars live in Finland, Turkey, China, Australia, USA, Germany, Japan, and in the CIS countries – Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The most active and respected community of Tatars – in Finland, Australia and Turkey. For example, the newly elected president of Finland necessarily meets with Tatar community, and Australian authorities have asked the community, to invite Tatars to live in the country, although foreigners are not much favored there. It speaks about the authority of the Tatar Diaspora in various countries around the world. Finnish President Tarja Halonen, speaking in Kazan three years ago, said that in her country Tatars are the standard of tolerance, and Finland is proud by its Tatars.

– What is benefit for Russia in uniting Tatars? (S.M.Kadyrov)

– Even if you take one of our revitalization project of Tatar villages: really, contribution to food security in the country is not good for it? Several years ago

Russia adopted the doctrine of national food security. Accepted and has forgotten. But we are implement it on a specific example of the Tatar villages! The President of Russia Vladimir Putin exposed a positive attitude for carrying out the first nationwide rural Sabantui in the Samara region, and we realized that we got a point. We are citizens of Russia, and we are care about its future.

– They say the WCT – a tool for implementation of Tatars’ interests and protect their rights or Tatarstan is a tool to promote economic interests of the republic and the country?

– Both. It is a tool to achieve the tasks before Tatarstan, and before the Tatar people in different areas and walks of life. This question should be considered together.

– The Jews also have a Congress, but there is a lot of oligarchs – and they head, they are caregivers, and are financing . But we have no oligarch in WCT, but only cultural figures …

– We are not guilty, that we have not formed oligarchs … (laughs). But our life today allows us to shape, if not the oligarchs, but self-sufficient people, who can help their nation to preserve its national identity. Such people, fortunately, appear, and they are many. When in 2002 I came to work in the WCT, I often was called and requested to send five thousand rubles for Sabantui. Now this is long gone.

– By the way, there is this question: “What is the purpose of holding Sabantui in other regions of Russia and other states? Who is funding these activities? “(Anastasia)

– It is an ancient, meaningful, loved and revered tradition of our people, which is at least 1,000 years. Surrounding peoples know that where Tatars, there Sabantuy. Before the Sabantui or other important projects, business community get together and settles what and how much is the need, and who and by what may help.


– How WCT plans to protect the institution of presidency in Tatarstan? (Damir)

– Why only Congress should protect the institution of the presidency? I think it must be defended by all multinational people of Tatarstan. I think we all live not bad with our presidents. Let us work together, hand in hand, to convince Putin that the title “president” we need to keep in Tatarstan. Compare us to any other republic is impossible and unnecessary.

What other entity has a contract with the Federation? Life forced to conclude these agreements. After 90 years of not-so-distant time, all the troubles can happen again, and they are absolutely are not needed. Such a “husk” again may lead all of us to a nervous condition. We do not need to return to this. For the aim to be in our common home really is cozy and comfortable situation, a little feature for Tatarstan may be allowed – preserve the institution of the presidency.

Tatarstan President need not to make boasting. Behold, we have a president, we are such a nation, we are such a republic! No, not this. President is necessary while communicating with heads of state, governors, he could influence preserving of Tatar identity in different parts of the world. Since only 25 percent of Tatars live in Tatarstan, the remaining 75 percent – outside the country. In such a situation and scenario, Tatars cannot do without a president.

– And the president – this is an important job title?

– Very important name! No other names are suitable. Orgy begins: Now, let’s call Khan! I think this is not a great mind. Title “president” is perceived everywhere by people and authorities. The President is a president.

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