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Rustam Minnikhanov met in Riga with activists of Tatar public organizations of Latvia

Rustam Minnikhanov met in Riga with activists of Tatar public organizations of Latvia

On October 5, the Republic of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov met with the leadership and activists of Tatar public organizations of Latvia during a working visit to Riga.

The meeting was held in the hall of the Moscow cultural and business center (MKDTS) “House of Moscow” in Riga.

Meeting was opened by chairman of the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars (WCT) Rinat Zakirov. He briefly spoke about the work carried out by the WCT with the Tatar public organizations worldwide.

Representatives of Tatar community are a good helpers for development of cooperation with

Latvia and the Baltic states, he said, in his turn, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov expressed gratitude to activists of Latvia Tatar public organizations for their contribution to the preservation and multiplication of the traditions, customs and language of our people far away from their historical homeland.

“You were able to find each other and joined together to preserve the traditions, customs, language and culture of our people, – he said. – Tatar public organizations of Latvia have established communication with the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars. ”

Rustam Minnikhanov also reminded that the public organization “Idel” is part of the European Alliance of Tatars.

It was in Riga two years ago, the first European Sabantuy successfully took place, noted Rustam Minnikhanov. For more information on the activities of “Idel” society of Tatars said chairman of the Latvian society Rinat Akhunov.

During the meeting chairman of the Latvian Tatar-Bashkir cultural society “Chishma” Zufar Zaynullin spoke.

The meeting participants noted that they feel the support of the World Congress of Tatars in their endeavors, including organization and holding of the national holiday Sabantui.

They focused attention on issues such as studying of the Tatar language, including – youth, those wishing to learn Tatar national dances. The offer was made to assist in conducting dance workshops for Tatar public organizations of Latvia.

Rustam Minnikhanov offered to direct to Riga to practice the senior students of the Kazan State Institute of Culture.

Speaking on preparing in 2017 of the Baltic Sabantui, representatives of the Tatar public organizations expressed the view: there is no need to separate into Tatars of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – we should be Tatars, to find ways of rapprochement and unification.

Activists of Tatar community of Latvia also invited Rustam Minnikhanov to take part in the European Sabantui and presented a special invitation.

President of Tatarstan, in his turn, gave the Tatar public organizations in Latvia two sets of karaoke in the Tatar language.

Rustam Minnikhanov also handed over a Letter of Thanks from the President of the Republic of Tatarstan to the “Idel” public organization – for the preservation and development of cultural and moral values and traditions of the Tatar people.

RT President press service

Elena Britvina

During the meeting, the young representatives of the Tatar community of Latvia read the poem “Sabantuy”, “Tugan Tel” Tatar language. Singer, winner of many creative competitions Gazishina Lily sang “Sandugach» .print_1781967_1777974

For reference:

Currently living in Latvia – the World Congress of Tatars estimate (CGT) – about 5,000 Tatars.

Tatar Latvian society “Idel” was founded in Riga in November 1988. Since 2009 «Idel» (www.tataridel.ucoz.lv) web site for the company, which publishes materials about the life of society.

Since 2005, together with the Tatar community in Lithuania and Estonia each year in one of the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) carried a single Pan-Baltic Sabantui where Tatars collected not only from the Baltic States, but also from many European countries.

“Association of Tatar youth of Europe” was officially registered in Riga, October 24, 2011. At the first stage it included representatives of the 5 most active European countries: Latvia, Estonia,

Lithuania, Czech Republic and Germany, and later joined the Tatar youth from England, Finland and Poland.

In April 2012, in Riga has passed the I Forum of Tatar youth of Europe.

Press Service of the President of RT, Elena Britvina.

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