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Sabantui as a masterpiece of intangible heritage benefits all mankind…

Sabantui as a masterpiece of intangible heritage benefits all mankind…

When national holiday cease to excite then a failure occurs in self – identity.

Usual thing?

Someone noticed that I politely miss citywide Sabantui on Lebiazhy in Derbyshki, or in settlement Mirny, or ashore of Kazanka in Novo-Savinsky region, near a huge football stadium for 45,000 spectators. Just do not want to push in the crowd of thousands, look for parking or reach it, to see a sporting event and concert in the bush. Came for holiday just for the guests, who arrived specifically to see the folk festival in the capital of the Tatar world. This is what happens when something becomes a habit and an involuntary duty. You do not understand, you do not appreciate an affordable treasure, without which life is not so interesting.

Last year, I went to an usual Sabantui to my native village Dyusyanovo, on the border between Bashkortostan and Orenburg oblast , and discovered a natural pagan styled event. No slogan banners except republican symbol, homespun scene decorated with oriental carpets, but without any official persons, even the script is absent, and specially ordered atists. Dyusyanovtsers and guests from the nearby village of Bashkir Bikkula sing and dance themselves. Dignitaries were not seen, only chief of the culture club, chairman of the local government and the head of the cooperative “Mars”, who became a sponsor Sabantui were ruling the event .

But it was cool, and the countrymen having come from the big cities of Siberia were satisfied, even happy. Confidently, harmonics and boyan were leading , old and new songs sounded from speakers. Under every bush a family company with meals was seating. Brisk trade was on. I even did not know that there 130 households in our village, so many people singing, dancing and writing poetry. Sack races, lifting weights, race with four horses already! Inconceivable!

All was like in childhood, only better and richer, and without red flags and orations by bellied officials from the region. Except that there was no cavalry of dyusyanovsky special attraction, when participant of the Civil War Zakir babai Zaripov at full gallop chopped with saber willow twigs stuck into special columns.

I was also pretty excited. I tried almost everyone to hand over brought from Kazan CD and DVD discs – Special thanks to well-known company “Bars media.” Something has changed after Sabantui of my childhood. Visible threads were evident that connect a remote village from the main roads with Kazan, Ufa, Nizhnevartovsk, Tashkent, Moscow. With previous years and even centuries!

The next day, more people are smiling, and with more greater energy decorated their farmstead, painted gates and fences. Everywhere even greater advantage was felt , and so that had not little among the residents Dyusyanovo. Our village has given the world a noble teacher-Gaziz Babayan, who was awarded the Order of Lenin, and raised the first Soviet ambassador to the Arab countries Karim Khkimov, Uzbekistan Minister of Civil Aviation Ghani Rafikov , People’s Artist of Tatarstan Taslima Khalyaf, editors of already three popular national publications , and many famous regional people, including Head of the region Nail Gataullin.

And then I thought that when folk festival begins not excite, only when in self-identification is failed, in understanding your own place on this earth and the world something goes wrong. Impossible to remain indifferent to how you together with your countrymen merge into a huge mass of nations large and small, while maintaining your own identity, you see yourself and others in the world. Therefore billions audiences attract reports from the Olympics, Universiade, football and hockey championships.

Nothing can replace the action when you are in the midst of thousands of incomprehensible energy positive people. This is not a war – a massive stress from the collision of men armed with assault rifles and guns and tanks and other instruments of murder, which is unlikely to distract from proven offense, wash away the sorrow and loss, fear and hatred.

“Treat” soul should be exclusively done by peaceful means. No wonder, during Sabantui and Olympics fighting stopped . What could be better

than the faces and eyes of good friendly people? I do not believe that blind enmity is stronger than children’s sight and voice of joyful, kind and proud people. It is a pity that in some hotspots Sabantui were not arranged d with potential enemies, who today no longer understand. The same element of democracy, a place where you can discuss the seeds of misunderstanding and resentment!


In short, now holidays in nature again delight and amaze. Meaning of Sabantui and format of folk festivals, coverage began to change rapidly. Scale increases rapidly. Now, federal Sabantui festivals (incidentally, this year it is satisfied with the Tatars in Tomsk June 14, with the active support of the regional and city administration, Tatarstan and WCT ) take place.

And still annually are held dear to my heart the all-Russian rural Sabantui fetes involving villagers (mainly Tatars) from dozens of regions. Remember how on the eve of the APEC summit, a federal Sabantui was held in Vladivostok – showcase, hallmark of Russia was performed by our countrymen again. The very fact of competition in the beauty and restlessness, creativity is quite remarkable!

Earlier, especially in the Soviet period, it was a usual way to relax Sabantui with alcohol, and now this component is decreasing . More Sabantui, especially in the regions, are arranged without the sale of alcohol. The entertainment itself , chatting with friends, an unusual atmosphere of fun so that there is no need to dope.

Meanwhilem Sabantui captures Prague, Paris, London, Sydney, Adelaide, New York, California and, of course, Istanbul. About the Central Asian countriesm I even and do not speak. 59 regions and 20 states are mentioned, but these figures are constantly changing. 40 Singapore Tatars recently staged Sabantui . These festivals locals relatives from mixed families come willingly. Often, these holidays are very modest, small community efforts in the form of a picnic.

But the process is underway, the Internet and satellite television channel TNV distributes spectacle and celebration technique. This year, in Riga first European Sabantui was held with distinguished guests from Tatarstan. Let these holidays have not shaken the entire Russian Federation or the whole of Europe. Let not yet the World Sabantui was not

organized, involving at least 150 countries (although in the past year due to the Universiade something similar has already happened). The very idea of sharing ritual folk festival, open to all, just wonderful and in demand.

Renaissance of Sabantui festivals received a particular extent after the change of the Soviet system. After the collapse of the Union, it was necessary to take from “that” life the most valuable , which was not behind life under the Bolshevik system of the country. But in the Soviet years international and national holiday were clamped so that Sabantui started to become the foremost gathering of best workers amateur concert and regional sports contests. That’s why Sabantui as Karavon – current favorite holidays in Tatarstan – causing a huge surge of enthusiasm and positive energy.

“Export” of Sabantui outside Tatarstan began in 2002, on the eve of census. First, President Mintimer Shaimiev decreed support for Tatars in Russian regions to conduct a national holiday. Tatars old dream has come true for Russian regions. Now, in most regions of Russia Sabantui is held. It is supported (usually) by regional government administration. First persons of the region and town attend it . A serious reason appeared to meet the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov with regional governors and mayors of large capitals. In “Sabantui ” Russian and other peoples, living near Tatars and Bashkirs are drawn. This bunch of joy and creativity liked by people.

Sabantui reveals the problems of the modern village. All these festivals are rarely held in ordinary villages? – Finance is poor ! Horse races are rare, few horses survive besides special horses. Therefore booming of motorized competition is on. It is no secret that in the days of Sabantui, rates of singers and musicians are on top. But no matter what, in any weather Sabantuy raises the flag over the Maidan, showing the self-sufficiency of its organizers.


Desire to write these notes have appeared recently in Laishevo, which happened to be at the regional Sabantui. I doresee skepticism of some readers: well, by what may surprise laishevtsers? When you know what celebrations are held in Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk,

Kazan! Let no offense bavlintsers , bulgulmintsers , aznakaevtsers – all related to this holy action is awesome , although it is associated with troubles and problems. Such a thing is not too bad! So think about everywhere.

And indeed, the coolest festival arranged in the village Minger of Sabinsky under the initiative of family Minakhmetovs, competition on buggies, quads bikes, on catching fish, etc., pop megastars performances, numerous playgrounds, fireworks in the finale can hardly be compared with anything.

Let organizers of Latin American carnivals be puzzled. Birth of a new subculture is on , which sometimes can not delight experts on the intangible heritage and supporters of pure folklore. But preserving and restoring native folk elements of ancient life, people, especially of such an advanced republic as Tatarstan, not just repeats actions of past centuries. Creation of a new happening, based on the old traditions. Every era produces its heroes! And their forms of existence. Just do not forget these roots and reference to samples of national life. Not every region, not every village and every Tatar community with the local authorities are able to carry out a real Sabantui, which tests the authorities and the public. Not all find funds for gifts. And cadres capable to arrange Sabantui. But the holiday itself, organization of the event there should be enough forces everywhere, if we take as follows. If intelligent people are at work.

You can argue about Sabantui held in parks and stadiums. We will have to compete for entry into the UNESCO list of intangible heritage, await Russia’s entry into the Convention on this heritage.

To think about the features of sector and company, corporate Sabantui. Each region, each region and each industry treats Sabantuy differently. Nobody is surprised by sabantui of firefighters, Interiors, doctors, teachers. This year the theater Sabantuy is held in Naberezhnye Chelny, but earlier it was held with participation of the Moscow actors in Aldyrmysh, in Kazan, Sabah and Tyulyachinsky region.

Everyone has its own way Sabantui. Even we in the independent media, performed a couple of times our own Sabantui. Wow! Not so, as the holiday “official” journalists.

Of course, the classic Sabantui has its own technique, classic scenario. The Ministry of Culture with the Congress of Tatars conducts training courses for organizers and directors, who are granted certificates! The sensitive issue – the economy, public-private partnerships, attracting sponsors, benefactors contest, crafts, advertising. Much more is waiting for development, selection, integration with a large and massive business, mass communications.

In Sabantui, all is sharpened for the good, opening friends, presentation of the history and life. For this day it is worth to work for a year, so that one day to present your achievements. And surprise people by the most simple and brilliant things. Quite much here of culture, and politics. And, as it turned out, and diplomacy. Yet Sabantui was not held at the RF Foreign Ministry, but this is easily remedied!

Immediately after the closing of the recently passed KazanSummit 2014, the ambassadors of Islamic Cooperation were taken to Laishevsky Sabantui. Personally, I went with some anxiety: after the Islamic countries, and Laishevo is traditionally Russian, Orthodox area, although Tatars also live there.

But, on site, it is appeared that Laishevo on civility, is not only formally, but actually is a town! Not by chance, investments in the region are coming. Sonm at the Usad area and the airport a new settlement “Smart City” will raise. Head of Investment Promotion Agencies Linar Yakupov said that when the “Smart City” starts operating , all will see the real fruits of projects related to forums of Kazan summit of Islamic countries.

At the level of organization, Laishevsky Sabantui was high, scenic interpretation, vocal and dance worthy of a small independent country. After opening Sabantui, worthy of major capitals, when they started to reward heroes of planting , a large group of ambassadors of Islamic countries whose welcoming guide were Mintimer Shaimiev and head of the municipal region Mikhail Afanasyev, they led by route of the folk festival. For me, this Sabantui ended as bypassing the Kama bank was full of surprises and wonders .

It is not thought, where kuresh and when racing start – is it not possible to see everything.

Almost under every large tree, – apiary, house of bread, house of doctor, fisherman’s house, expected . And in every home – interesting people, costumes, ethnographic objects, dishes … When Laishevsky well known ensemble burst welcome Russian song, experienced diplomats were close to fainting by so persuasive momentum of goodwill.

After fearlessly having tasted offered products, including meat and fish, spread out under hot sun. About loaf, kvass, chak-chak I even do not say.

Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries, forgetting coats, competed in the race with a yoke, throwing sticks, playing skittles, tried to mint coins.

And by the eyes of experienced scouts they looked into distance, and at the river huts touched stuffed animals and animals in large numbers exposed on route. It was evident that the forest on the banks of the Kama and ethnographic farmsteads monastery – a “trick” of laishevtsevers , and these houses, equipment of exhibitions serve each year for the organizers are Sabantui. Just a river and forest wealth of nature just people – that can be a wonderful and convincing.

Having seen a lot in their lifetime many diplomats were surprised by the variety of natural and life savvy and entrepreneurship of the hosts.

It is difficult to tell everything that was offered to participants of the Laishevsky Sabantui. Sometime after the first third of the route from feelings of helplessness, I grabbed aipad to shoot something on video. And I am very proud that I was the only operator, who recorded as Mintimer Shaimiev teaches foreign guests to use instruments , and then, he takes a stick and blindfolded masterfully splits the pot. That’s right – in politics and diplomacy, the most complex operations are performed “by heart”, clearly oriented in time and space. Diplomats gasped precision strike of Mintimer Shaimiev. Well, the local people hardly surprised – since this is Shaimiev!

Stared at the reaction of diplomats I questioned them about what they saw here. Culture of life, economy, ethnic and religious situation, the mood of the people made them the most positive impression. Many would like to

return again. And then thought – Sabantui in Laishevo also is capable to influence the course of world politics.

Rimzil VALEEV, EG “Business-online»

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