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Sabantui in Brussels

Sabantui in Brussels

The green area in the suburb of Brussels gathered on Sunday June 5 compatriots for traditional Sabantui. People have gathered from different towns and villages of both the Kingdom of Belgium and the neighboring Netherlands, France and Germany. For many, a holiday has become a digression in their youth, a reason to plunge into the native culture, an important spiritual event, and for young people and kids – the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient traditions of the Tatars, feel themselves Batyrs of a fete.

Deputy Chairman of the “Tatars in Belgium” Regina Valeeva read out the greetings of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, warm words that came to their historical homeland. Activities of the group members – Karimov Adem, spouses Farida and Ravil Kagirovs were awarded letters of thanks of the Ministry of Culture for the activity in the sphere of Tatar culture. Respecting the presence of the indigenous population of Belgium, presenters in addition to Tatar and Russian spoke also as French and Flemish.

On the sunny lawn unfolded folk games and competitions, such as the breaking pots, sack races, running with spoons in the mouth and fragile eggs on them, tug of war and others. Table feast resembled of grandmother’s troubles at the oven – hot ochpochmak, samsa, peremechi. The leader of the Tea Party has become a huge Tula samovar, which men stirred up in the courtyard on coals and spruce cones. Having reached Belgium directly with the Kazan exhibition “Tugan avylym” he brought with him his own story as much as in 1902. Good traditions of Tatar tea decorated the mountains of golden chak-chak.

But the highlight will undoubtedly has become Sabantui guest appearances from Kazan – People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Ilsur Safin, singer Sembel Bilalova and dance theater “Saidashev”. Four bright stage dances brought with them Elza Abaeva, Lilia Smirnova, Ilnaz Gatin and Evgeny Nikitin. Tatar songs by lyrical emotions immersed in memories, electrifying rhythm to get involved in dance.

Organizing Sabantui for compatriots and the local population of the country, the Tatar community in Belgium through its bright holiday shows spiritual

wealth of the nation, demonstrates the solidarity and organization of the group, the ability to save and share the rich cultural traditions.

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