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Sabantui in Montreal

Sabantui in Montreal

May 21 in Montreal the main holiday of the Tatar people – Sabantui took place.

The president of the Association of Tatars of Montreal Zilya Mirgalieva sent a letter to the chairman of the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov with words of gratitude for the assistance to the arrival of the Tatarstan artists Aigul Bariyeva and Ayrat Imashev to the Montreal Sabantui.

“Thank you for their cordial greeting and sincere performance of our favorite tunes and new songs in our native language. It is difficult to convey in words that sense of delight and admiration that all of us present at Sabantui experienced! “, the letter says.

“People of many nationalities joined us on this day, May 21, to rejoice, sing, dance, play and enjoy the art of our Kazan guests, get acquainted with the traditions of the Tatar culture.

Every year our festival is getting better and better, but we did not have such Sabantui as last weekend! – Zilya Mirgalieva writes and offers a selection of photos from the holiday.

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