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Sabantui in Ust-Kamenogorsk to celebrate June 14

Sabantui in Ust-Kamenogorsk to celebrate June 14

Summer month of June is saturated with national holidays. One of them – Sabantui. It is a celebration of many the Turkic peoples: Chuvashia, Udmurtia, Bashkirs, Tatars. Today, it is better known around the world as the Tatar folk festival. “Saban tuye” – from the Tatar language means “feast of the plow,” agriculture. It is usually arranged after the spring field works. Holiday Sabantui – a vivid expression of love of Tatars to nurse-earth and honest work, the completion of which people make fun from the heart! This festival is full of national games and contests such as Tatarcha Kuresh – national wresting, the main prize is traditionally a lamb. Quite popular are horse races, tug of war, climbing pole, fight with bags, running with an egg, breaking pots and others. Sabantui – place of competitions of folk talents – singers, dancers, reciters. Here, young mistresses compete in the ability to cook ethnic meals, in the applied arts and the right to obtain of a title of Sabantuy bikya – Miss Sabantui! Usually, preparations for Sabantui begin in advance. On the eve of the holiday, well-groomed horses must b ready, yards cleaned, a site for celebrations, festivals (maidan) and competition be prepared. By day of Sabantui, all conflicts, quarrels settled and forgotten all grievances. Coming for this holiday wicked aggressive and angry – always equal to committing a grievous sin. This centuries-old tradition has preserved to this day. Ceremonies, competitions and games of Sabantui are imbued with ideas of kindness, humanity and justice, strengthen the role of the holiday not only in the preservation of the national heritage of the Tatar people, but also in educating people in the spirit of tolerance and culture of peace. Today it has become a celebration of friendship, unifying cultural phenomenon for people of all nationalities. The rules of all the Sabantui games adjust on peace and harmony . By universal rule, no one should leave the fete without a gift or treat. More than 200 years Tatars live in East Kazakhstan in peace and friendship with other nations, and long considered it their homeland. Keeping traditions, they already hold annual folk festival beloved by all. June 14, at Left Bank Park of Ethnographic Museum in Ust-Kamenogorsk again bright and happy melodies resound forever young holiday Tatar people. It starts at 11:00 am, on the main stage. All those wishing to get to the festival, we must note that from 10.00 to 11.00 admission is free, after 11.00 am a

visit is payable. For participants of national games, contests, competitions a big prize fund is provided. Welcome!

Photo by Sergei Surov. Source: Altaynews.kz

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