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Sabantuy-2016 on the ground of ancient Khorezm in Urgench city held

Sabantuy-2016 on the ground of ancient Khorezm in Urgench city held

June 5 in the city park named after Zhaloladdin Manguberdi, of the city Urgench the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy was held. The event was opened by deputy khokim of Khorezm region H. A. Atakhanov, head of the Office of khokimiyat of the Khorezm oblast A. Khudoyarov, deputy khokim M. Madrimov. The participants and guests of the festival had been welcomed by as chairman of the Tatar cultural and educational center of Khorezm oblast D.T.Latypova, who read out a congratulatory message from the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R. N. Minihanov to organizers and participants of Sabantui.

Representatives from more than 30 nations and nationalities live today in a multinational Khorezm. Tatar Diaspora, leading its history since the end of the XIX century, is one of the largest and numbers about 9000 people. Its representatives have always played an active

role in social and cultural life of the ancient land, made a worthy contribution to its economic development. In year of 2006 the Khorezm Tatar cultural and educational center was established. During this time, the center made a great deal, so that everyone could join the national traditions and culture, learn the history of its people, its language. The appearance of the center has given people the opportunity to make their leisure richer and, very importantly, to strengthen communication and cooperation with other national centers. This is particularly evident in the days of national holidays such as Nowruz and Mardi Gras. It was no exception also the celebration of Sabantui.

Sabantui began with a concert on the stage of which throughout the day sounded Tatar, Uzbek and Russian folk songs.

One of the most exciting and spectacular parts of Sabantui has traditionally been and remains the sports and folk games. All who wished to test themselves and compete against other could take part in the Tatar wrestling “kuresh” or in skill competitions “sack races” and “breaking the pot.” Those who liked eating could taste delicious dishes of the Tatar national cuisine – paramachi, chak-chak and others. Culinary exhibition unfolded that night in the park, and it was

complemented by the dishes prepared by representatives of the regional Russian cultural center, actively participating in the festival.

Assistance in holding and organization has been rendered from administrations of Urgench, Khorezm oblast, Khorezm Regional Department of Public Movement “Kamolot”. Gifts have been granted by chairmen of the public movement of youth “Kamalot” B.Abdrimova, regional trade union R.Zhabborova, regional mahalla committee, O.Radzhabova as well as activists and members of the board of the Tatar cultural and educational center of Khorezm oblast.

The celebration was attended by ensembles of Tatar, Russian and Korean cultural centers in Khorezm oblast . everything past great, leaving a lot of positive impressions to the audience and the participants of the festival.

In total, Sabantui in Urgench has been attended by about 500 people.

Chairman of the Tatar cultural and educational center of the Khorezm oblast D.T.Latypova.

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