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Sabantuy Tatar gusto

Sabantuy Tatar gusto

That is called the feast, which are prepared in the Polish city Kruszyniany. August 8, 2015 in the city will host the 9th Tatar holiday Sabantuy and Nationwide Festival Tatar dishes.

The tradition of celebrating this festival was revived in Krushinyanah in 2007. The holiday is very popular and in accordance with long-standing tradition integrates the family and the Tatar diaspora. This is the case for the holiday of Tatar culture and Islamic cultures and traditions, as well as their presentation to other nations.

The main aim of the festival this year is the integration of young people from Tatar Polyshi and other countries, the desire to establish them on the need to culture the traditions of our ancestors and present their culture in other countries. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the Festival of the Tatars and their families that will create an opportunity to get acquainted, share experiences, spend time together and relax.

The objective of the organizers of the Festival of the Tatar-Polish cuisine is a culinary tradition to introduce the Polish ethnic group, to convey the older generation to the younger generation the secrets of Tatar cuisine. Also, guests are invited to bring their national dishes, take part in a joint demonstration and cooking, and then tasting them.

Jeanette Bogdanovic, Republic of Poland

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