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Sabantuy was celebrated in Rostov-on-Don  city

Sabantuy was celebrated in Rostov-on-Don  city

June  22, 2019

In Rostov-on-Don city, at  the park “Pleven”, one of the most important festivals of the Tatars – Sabantuy  has been celebrated.

Once, the end of spring field work was celebrated this way, when the grain has not yet sprouted and there is time for rest. Now it is rather an occasion to remember the folk traditions and to introduce the younger generation to the culture of their people.

In Rostov-on-Don, Sabantuy has been celebrated since 2003: then about twenty people gathered at  the museum of local history. Now only the organizers of the national holiday twice as much.

According to custom, Sabantuy begins with a cavalcade – a solemn procession with songs, in front of which a chariot with a horse rides. And after the march for the audience – a concert. Guests have welcomed with national songs and dances: the Sabantuy was celebrated in Rostov from the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, Kabardino-Balkaria and other regions of Russia.

In some zones, traditional games were awaiting. The children tried to run with the yoke, more adults participated in battles with bags. And the young men competed in the national wrestling “Koresh” – an old belt wresting.

Winners waited for awards. In another zone, everyone could try traditional national dishes: pilaf with lamb, chak-chak, pereyachi, uramai and many other goodies.

How many flattering words were said to the cooks and organizers of “Sabantuy” for the inexpressible taste of pilau, which was distributed to those who wanted it for free! Guests were interested in both the “Sabantuy-2019” photo area decorated with stars and made by the hands of Tatar youth, and an exhibition of traditional Tatar culture.

More than 1,200 people who visited the park that day thanked Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Cutlural Center  Yaktashlar (Fellows), the Government of the Rostov Region,  Park administration, as well as their Tatar philanthropists, for such a bright and colorful holiday that lasted more than 6 hours, presented to the residents of the city of Rostov on the Don and the Rostov Region

Such  a holiday has been celebrated  for more than a year: Tatars and Bashkirs living in Rostov-on-Don are trying to celebrate Sabantuy together on this day in order to share joy with each other, preserve folk traditions and pass on their knowledge and skills to the younger generation. Sabantuy was celebrated in Rostov-on-Don.







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