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Sadri Maksudi to be   commemorated in Kazan

Sadri Maksudi to be commemorated in Kazan

Sadri Maksudi to be  commemorated in Kazan

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July 23, 1878, an   outstanding lawyer and public figure Sadri Maksudi   was  born. He was born in the family of a rural mullah the fifth child in the village of Tashsu, Kazan district of the Kazan province (now the Vysokogorsky district of Tatarstan). His personality is widely known not only at home, but also abroad. For his achievements in studying the history of the Turkic peoples, Sadri Maksudi is considered an intellectual bridge between two peoples – the Tatars and Turks.

Six interesting facts from the life of the hero:

  1. Education of lawyer Sadri Maksudi received in France, at the law faculty of the University of Paris. After 17 years, after graduation, he returned to university and became the first ever Muslim professor.
  2. Upon his return to Kazan, Sadri Maksudi became an authoritative politician, one of the leaders of the “Mosselmittifaki” party, but because of constant pressure from the authorities, he was forced to leave Russia.
  3. During the emigration he lived in Sweden, Finland, Germany, France. On the personal invitation of the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Sadri Maksudi went to Istanbul. Here, until his death, he worked for the benefit of the new republic. He wrote a large number of scientific and journalistic works, taught at the universities of Ankara and Istanbul.
  4. In all scientific articles of the lawyer one thought was traced: only by preserving their original culture, language, religion, developing culture and economy, the Tatars can become equal with modern European nations.
  5. Sadri Maksudi became a professor, an advisor to the President of Turkey, a member of parliament. In 1950 he was nominated for the post of president of Turkey.
  6. There are cases of conflicts between a lawyer and the President of Turkey. For example, once Maksudi did not support the theory that all languages ​​originated from the Turkish language, despite the fact that it was approved by Ataturk himself. For objections to the president, he was subject to criticism of politicians and the press and was removed from his post at the university.

Today, July 23 at 18.00,  in the Kazan park “Istanbul” will be laying flowers at the monument to Sadri Maksudi.


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