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Samara is preparing for Sabantuy

Samara is preparing for Sabantuy

May  23, 2019

Last week, a series of meetings on preparations for the All-Russian Village  Sabantuy took place: on May 16, members of the organizing committee under the leadership of Acting  head of the district took part in a meeting of the government of the Samara region;  on May 17, at the district center regular field   session under chairing of acting  chief of  administration deputy governor of the Samara region Yu, A. Rozhin,  on May 21, a meeting of the district organizing committee was held under the chairmanship of the head of the district.

On May 16, members of the organizing committee for the preparation of the All-Russian Rural Sabantui under the guidance of the head of the district took part in a meeting of the government of the Samara region to prepare for the X All-Russian Rural Sabantuy. It was decided to hold such meetings weekly.

On May 17, a regular retreat was held in the district center under the chairmanship of the acting head of the administration of the Samara Region Governor Yu.A. Rozhin with the participation of the district head R.K. Bagautdinov, as well as members of the organizing committee.

A lot of organizational work has been done by the Government of the Samara Region and the administration of the municipal district Kamyshlinsky. For more than three hours, the workshop participants discussed the program, logistics, organizational issues, made suggestions and shared their views. Special attention was paid to security issues.


The participants of the meeting examined the territory of the upcoming holiday with the aim of the most efficient arrangement of the objects and sites of the celebration and their compositional harmony, visited the guest accommodation, the hippodrome.

The meeting identified the persons responsible for the information campaign for the preparation and celebration of the 10th All-Russian Rural Sabantui. The issues  on the food  for   guests of the holiday  have been settled. Approved holiday logo.

One of the important elements of a civilized celebration is the maintenance of cleanliness. For this, the required number of dry closets and containers for garbage collection will be installed.

Baiteks company  has already made pedestrian bridges across the Kamyshlinka River and are awaiting their installation. In the new design decision, the entrance group at Sabantuy will be performed  by funding from SHP Razdolnoye LLC, which is part of the Cinco LLC group of companies.

The placement of the suburbs of the Samara region and the Republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, the headquarters and the press center was agreed. Mobile operators promised to carry out work on expanding the capacity of networks so that guests and participants of the holiday would be provided with high-quality and stable communication.

The construction of the courtyard of the Samara region has started, construction materials have been delivered. Preliminary readiness of the courtyard  is scheduled for June 25th. Construction of the Tatarstan courtyard  is scheduled to begin on June 1.

The meeting participants reached an agreement on the size of the stage complex and the placement of catering tents.

Careful consideration requires logistics. So for the territory of the Maidan and the races will be made banners with patterns of movement, which will be located on the entrance groups. In addition, the Kamyshlinsky district will produce indexes that will indicate the location of the elements at the site of the celebration of the 10th All-Russian Rural Sabantui, handouts will also be made with a travel pattern for the guests of the holiday.

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