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Sarepta – about the Tatars

Sarepta – about the Tatars

December 8 at 15.00 in the Museum-Reserve “Old Sarepta” in Volgograd, the grand opening of the exposition “The dwelling of the Tatar peasant of the Lower Volga region of the late XIX – early XX century”  took place.

The site of the museum informs: “The exhibition realistically represents the life of a typical Tatar house, where visitors will see national costumes, traditional Tatar stoves, tools, household items and symbols of worship, through which Tatars performed religious rites.”

Tatars are one of the most numerous ethnic groups in the Volgograd region. According to the 2010 census, representatives of 130 nationalities live in this region, the Tatars occupy the fifth place among them by number.

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