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Scientists-historians have met with collective of the Tatar grammar school

Scientists-historians have met with collective of the Tatar grammar school

Scientists-historians have met with collective of the Tatar grammar school

September 24, 2018


Recently representatives of the World Congress of Tatars – scientists and historians from Kazan along with a guest from the United States visited the Tatar gymnasium No. 15 of the Kirov district of Kazan.

At the invitation of the administration  of the Tatar Gymnasium No. 15 of the Kirov District of Kazan, historians and local historians are Professor of History of the Viskon University (USA), now Head of the Chair of the Eurasian University named after N. Nazarbayev (Astana, Kazakhstan) Yulai Shamil oglu (located in Kazan in the international conferences on Gayaz Iskhaki and Sh. Marjani), the editor-in-chief of the regional magazine “Tugan zhir / Native land”, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the doctor of historical sciences D. M. Iskhakov and the chairman of the public organization “Society of Tatar regional studies RT “at the World Congress of Tatars, RT Honored science professor A.A.Burkhanov met with the director of the gymnasium F.F.Harisov deputy director of the school, the candidate of historical sciences K.A.Gabbasova, a team of teachers and students.

Professor Yulai Shamil oglu told the gymnasium staff about his ancestors-Tatars, natives of the Penza region and Bashkortostan, about the life and activities of the Tatars in the United States, the problems of the history of the Golden Horde (he deals with this period of the history of the Tatars) and the current problems of Tatar history. D.M.  Iskhakov presented the issues  of the local history magazine “Tugan zhir” and presented copies of the edition for the school library. Professor A.A.Burkhanov spoke about the main directions of the development of Tatar local history and invited students to join the Youth Youth Association-Club “Young Local History”, which is created in the framework of the joint activities of the WCT Executive Committee, the “Society of Tatar Regional Studies of the Republic of Tatarstan” and the Kazan City Palace of Children’s Creativity named after A.Alish.

The guests got acquainted with the educational classes and the new ethnographic museum of the gymnasium. The official opening and presentation of the local history museum of the gymnasium is planned within the framework of the All-Russian scientific-practical, historical and ethnographic conference “Ethnotourism and local lore as a mechanism of self-identification of the Tatars of the Russian Federation” in Kazan on November 15-16, 2018. In the creation of the museum of the gymnasium, the Executive Committee of the WCT and scientists historians who cooperate with the gymnasium No. 15 and the World Congress of Tatars, in particular, D. M. Iskhakov have rendered.

About the museum’s funds and expositions will be told in the next issue No. 3 for the year 2018 of the magazine “Tugan zhir / Native land” in a joint article by Gababbasova, D.M. Iskhakov and A.D. Khairullina.

We note that the opening of the museum is also associated with the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Kazan Admiralty. On the territory of the Admiralty, the  boiled  life of the Tatar settlement of Bischbalt, where Tatar craftsmen  created ships   during the Kazan Khanate period for a long time. Today it is the territory of Malo-Moscow, Poperechnaya, Admiralty, Malo-Kuznetskaya streets. Here is Elan-tau (Zilantova Gora), where Zilatov Monastery is located, created in 1559 after the capture of Kazan. Unfortunately, there have not been any serious archaeological and historical studies on this territory yet. Many scientists, specialists and residents of the city are proposing to erect a monument to the first Tatar shipbuilders in this region of our capital.

Note that from the XII-XIII centuries. There was a Tatar-Bulgarian settlement. In 1718, by decree of Peter I. Later this territory of Kazan played an important role in the period of the Russian Empire in the framework of the Kazan province and Soviet time. This district plays an important role in the modern life of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.

That’s why the thematic exposition “Kazan Admiralty and its role in the history of Russia and Kazan”, “History of Kazan and the Admiralty settlement in architectural monuments”, “Recreation of the interior of the Tatar hut”, “Kazan is one of the educational centers of Russia “and others. …

In the creation of the museum materials about shipbuilding in the archives and funds of the Russian Historical Museum in St. Petersburg, the Russian State Archive of the Navy in St. Petersburg and the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan were used.

It should be noted that the geological museum also operates in the gymnasium. The museum funds are being replenished with archaeological materials from excavations in medieval Tatar cities.

Information:   by А.А. Burkhanov

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