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Siberian Tatar girl claims the title of “Tatar Kyzy”

Siberian Tatar girl claims the title of “Tatar Kyzy”

Tyumener Angela Abdrashitova will present the oblast at the All-Russian contest “Tatar kyzy – 2015”

The winner of the VIII Open regional competition “Seber Yoldyzy – 2015” (“Star of Siberia – 2015”) Angela Abdrashitova claims the title of “Tatar kyzy – 2015”. Final All-Russian competition Chelyabinsk will be held on October 16th. In it will be attended by 12 girls from different regions of the Russian Federation. All of them – winners of regional competitions, praising the beauty of the Tatar girls, cultural and moral values of the nation.

Angela Abdrashitova is going to present the Tyumen oblast in image of the Siberian Tatar woman. Tyumen designer Elina Saitova, especially for this, has sewn a costume according to historical sketches. The dress is decorated with a beautiful sable fur and exclusive national embroidery. In Congress of the Tatars of the Tyumen region there is no doubts in chances of Angela for victory.

“The internal culture, the knowledge of the Tatar traditions, the ability to stand on the stage – it’s all there in Angela. She is fluent in Tatar literature and Siberian Tatar dialect, ” – says the project manager, “Seber Yoldyzy – Star of Siberia” & “Tatar egete – Djigit” Liliya Karimova.

Now, the 12 candidates for the title of “Tatar kyzy – 2015” are in Chelyabinsk where they are intensively preparing for the final show.


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The Congress of Tatars of the Tyumen oblast

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