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Skated   marvelously

January 04, 2019

A native of the village of Mediany of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Rafek Valitov, on the occasion of the New Year holidays, organized for his fellow villagers and guests from neighboring villages mass skating on the plains and climates used by our ancestors, as well as on modern sleds and cheesecakes.

In addition, various fascinating contests and children riding by horses drawn in sleds took place.

Prizes were prepared for all participants. They were distributed by family members of the organizer disguised as Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Special guests of the holiday were the pupils of the Sergach social rehabilitation center for minors “Hope”.

On this day,  the birthday of the organizer’s wife, Elmira was celebrated, and the day before, Rafek Valitov himself celebrated the 55th anniversary. Taking this opportunity, on behalf of the editorial team we congratulate the Valitovs on their birthday, we wish them good health and family well-being.

The newspaper “Tugan Yak”.

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