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South Ural winter sittings – “Aulak oi”

South Ural winter sittings – “Aulak oi”

This winter, the department of Tatar culture House of Peoples’ Friendship in Magnitogorsk decided to arrange for compatriots true winter sittings that have long existed in Tatarstan and called “Aulak oi.”

Aulak oi – this is a home, which for some time is left in the care of a young girl. Parents, going to the guests, left their daughter to maintain economy and to keep order. To matrorize the girl and look after the house the hosts committed an elderly woman, as a rule, abi. The news of this spread rapidly and gathered for Aulak oi boys and girls from all over the village. However, the parents let them go with a certain condition – you need to perform some work (to spin yarn, weave lace, tie socks, and for boys – to weave sandals or cut household items made of wood). The work could be interrupted, to have fun. Young people sang songs, played games, guessing and solving riddles, and of course, dancing. And it was decided that in the gatherings each brought goodies – kustanach. And, of course, one could not do without a traditional fragrant tea with milk and treats!

A cozy rehearsal hall the holiday organizers turned to the traditional Tatar room with benches, ready made quilts and rugs. On the walls – Tatar fancy towels – tastemal woven by hand or on home weaver’s looms by grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. There were native melodies. Young participants were dressed in national costumes. Artists of all ages have gathered in : Ebi – Rafila Khairutdinova parents – Nail and Nuria Mukhamedshins, granddaughter – Ileana Kanbekova. And participants in gatherings – the children, the pupils of the Tatar Sunday school. Old Tatar games with the children rehearsed Liana Kanafeeva and Tatar dance by little participants staged by choreographer Tatiana Suyarko, of course, did not leave indifferent any of the spectators.

Akhmetzyanova Liya

Chief of section of the World women’s organization Ak Kalfak

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