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Spectators with rapture  met the comedy “Epipe” in the Tatar language

Spectators with rapture  met the comedy “Epipe” in the Tatar language


September 02, 2019

The premiere of the first Tatarstan musical “Epipe” ended on the eve of the “Tatarstan Film Week”, which started in Kazan on August 23. An important feature of the event was the fact that this year, films shot by Tatarstan directors over the past 2 years have been  presented to the public.

The full-length film “Epipe” directed by Ilshat Rakhimbay was first presented to the general public at the «Mir» cinema. This premiere was so long-awaited for the audience that tickets were sold out long before the show.

Before the premiere, the audience was addressed by the director of Tatarkino, the producer of the Epipe film Milyausha Aituganova. She noted that the comedy film will be further developed, the audience is presented with a film, so that after that they may  hear their opinion about the film. “We hope this film would  have a distribution   story. We initially wanted the film to be for the audience, and not for a narrow circle of moviegoers, ”she said.

The duration of the film “Epipe” is 95 minutes. During this time, admiring spectators managed to cry and laugh heartily, empathizing with the heroes of the picture. Musical comedy comes in the Tatar language and talks about the Epipe women’s music ensemble, which goes on tour in the republic. Suddenly, a new bayan  player appears in the collective, who at first glance falls in love with the costume designer. The motion picture  colorfully shows a tour of artists, which is saturated with the most unexpected events. The culmination of the picture is the moment when the heroines of “Epipe ” for a moment become hostages of a broken Ferris wheel. In a hopeless situation, actresses remove their “masks” and turn into vulnerable women with their own life problems.

The heroes of the film did an excellent job. Actors not only played their roles, but also brilliantly performed songs in the Tatar language. It is worth noting that the musical line in the film is one of the strengths of the picture, as well as directorial finds that make the viewer laugh throughout the entire session.

The film starred famous performers of the Tatar pop Firdus Tyamaev, Alvin Gray, Alsu Abulkhanova, Alina Sharipzyanova, Dilya Nigmatullina, Lyaysan Makhmutova, Lyaysan Zakirova, Gulshat Imamyeva, Alsu Sungatullina, Farida Akhmetshina. The key roles were played by the actors of the Tinchurinsky Theater Artem Piskunov, Rezeda Salyakhova, Rustem Gayzullin, Zulfiya Valeeva.

Director Ilshat Rakhimbay could not be at the premiere of the film, he had not previously ruled out that if there is financial support, the continuation of the film “Epipe” could be shot. It is known that the Tatar comedy will be shown in the cities of Tatarstan, as well as in St. Petersburg. It is planned to show this work in places of compact residence of Tatars around the world.




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