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Spring Festival Novruz 2017 in Riga

Spring Festival Novruz 2017 in Riga

On March 26, 2017, for the second time in Riga (Latvia), the International Spring Baltic Friendship Festival of Peoples  Novruz was held.

The holiday was organized with the support of various cultural societies of Latvia and Estonia, students from different countries, higher educational institutions located in Riga and not only.

Several dozens of nations (around forty)  representatives of ethnic minorities, students from different universities and countries, not only from Latvia, but also from Estonia and Lithuania, the diplomatic corps of different countries-Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and others, representatives of the Riga City Council, various Non-governmental and public organizations  attended the festivities.

There are no analogues of such an event in Latvia. It is unique because it involves representatives of different national cultural societies, different universities, states, ages, individuals, amateur groups and professionals

At the festival, culture was represented –  Tatars, Bashkirs, Kabardians, Uzbeks, Azeris, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Yakuts, Georgians, Nepalese, Russians, Iranians, Kirghiz and many others.

In the framework of the festival, songs were sung in different languages, dances of different peoples were shown, a native speech of many peoples was heard (everyone could hear it like this), poems about the native land, folk art, contests, were national cuisine (prepared by the participants) And most importantly – communication and new acquaintances with friends.

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